Pregnant by the Sheikh(63)

By: Olivia Gates

“You’ve done your homework very thoroughly.” She moaned with pleasure, then stabbed her fingers in his now loose hair, making him relinquish her nipple before she lost whatever was left of her mind again. She needed to say something else. “About Zafrana’s throne...”

He lowered his mouth to her flesh again, skimmed his way up to her lips, his smile filling her with joy. “I have no more desire to take over my heritage. The only thing I care about now is the future we’ll make together for our children.”


“Only as many—or as few—as you like,” he rushed to assure her. “This baby is all I need. You are all I need.”

She groaned with yet another surge of emotion. “You are all I need, too. And I want everything possible with you, and as many children as you want. But let’s just take one child at a time. Let me work on this one first.”

He laughed and hugged her exuberantly. “We’ll work on this one, and everything else, together.”

As he lowered his head and began ridding her of her last shreds of sanity, she squirmed, making him stop again. “But you have to claim your heritage. It would be the best thing to ever happen to Zafrana and Saraya if you merged them and sat on their combined throne.”

Nipping her lower lip, he murmured, “I only want to be on the throne of your heart.”

“You’ve been there from day one,” she moaned. “And you’re now stuck there.”

His chuckle filled her every cell with well-being as he slid his body over hers, setting her every nerve on renewed fire. “Now to make sure I am fused there.”

Crying out as he entered her, merged them, she again tugged on his hair before everything but him and those carnally emotional moments ceased to matter.

“Numair...please...” Drowning in sensation, she clamped her legs around his muscled hips to stop him from tipping her into oblivion. “Promise me you will. You’ll make the best king for our region as well as for my heart.”

He rose above her, his eyes a conflagration of love and devotion. “I might reconsider...if you do something for me.”

She nodded frantically, losing the fight, starting to undulate beneath him, the pleasure so intense it was nearly blinding. “Anything. I’ll do anything for you. I’ll spend my life trying to erase everything you suffered.”

The ferocity he’d promised her blazed in his eyes as he thrust hard, impaling her to her very center. “You already have. Just being you, just loving me against all odds. And now you have to promise me you’ll make up for the fright and desperation you caused me when you disappeared.”

“Whatever you want, it’s yours.”

“I want you to forever let me shower you and our family with my pampering and protection, my devotion and adoration.”

She arched into him as he punctuated each phrase with a thrust until he splintered her into a soul-searing orgasm.

Long after he’d joined her in the depths of bliss, she belatedly and euphorically murmured, “Done.”

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