The Billionaire Princess(4)

By: Christina Tetreault

Did her brothers know how lucky they both were? They'd both found their perfect matches and neither woman expected anything in return. Although she'd never told Callie or Charlie, she admired them for that. They were both able to see her brothers for the men they were on the inside. Not many people seemed able to do that. At least not many of the ones she'd met.

In front of her, Jake pulled Charlie into his arms and kissed her, signaling the end of the short civil ceremony. Next to her Charlie's mom wept. Without a second thought, Sara wrapped an arm around the older woman's shoulder.

“Are you okay?” she asked, wishing she had a few tissues on hand.

Maureen nodded and wiped at the tears sliding down her cheek. “I just can't believe my baby girl is married. I'll be fine. Go on and join the others.” Maureen patted her on the arm and motioned to the others with her head.

Sara hesitated for a second but then moved forward to join the others as they congratulated the happy couple. She listened as both Callie and Dylan welcomed Charlie to the family and then turned to Jake. As children, with only a two-year difference between them, they'd always been close. They had grown apart a bit through the years, since they'd both been sent off to different boarding schools. Yet she still considered him one of her closest friends, the one person she could trust no matter what. So before anyone else could approach him, she moved in and hugged him.

“Congratulations,” she said before dropping a kiss on his cheek. “But I still think you're nuts for not inviting Mom and Dad.” She couldn't stop herself from adding the last part.

“I'll deal with them later. Besides now they can make an even bigger deal of your wedding when the time comes.”

Sara merely shook her head in response. Her brother never cared what their parents thought. Sometimes she envied him for that. “That's more like if rather than when, Jake.” She tried to hide the sarcasm from her voice.

“You're wrong. You'll see. I promise,” he said in his annoying big-brother-knows-all tone.

“”I'm not going to argue with you on your wedding day.” She gave him another hug and moved away before he could offer anymore brotherly wisdom, something he loved to do. He insisted it was his job as her older brother, but she suspected it had more to do with wanting to annoy her.

Whatever the reason, she really didn't want to discuss that particular topic any further. It'd only put her in a bad mood, and she didn't want to ruin the day for her brother and Charlie. Instead she moved toward the bride to congratulate her.

Although Jake and Charlie had been together for almost a year now, Sara didn't know her that well. Charlie and Jake lived in Virginia, while she lived in DC, which should've made visiting easy. But, Charlie was a doctor, and her schedule didn't fit well with Sara's hectic schedule on the Hill.

“Congratulations, Charlie. You look gorgeous.” Sara stepped in front of Charlie and hugged her. Today Charlie wore a simple but elegant white gown that ended just above the knee. Her red hair was pulled up with a simple silver comb holding it in place. A simple white gold necklace with an emerald pendant hung around her neck and matching emerald earrings hung from her ears.

Charlie's face beamed with happiness as Sara pulled back. “Thank you. I'm glad you came. Jake was worried you wouldn't make it on such short notice.”

“I wouldn't have missed this for the world.” Even if she'd been on the other side of the planet, she would've found a way to get to Hawaii when Jake asked her. “Are you two going on a honeymoon?”

“We're spending a few days here, but then I need to get back. In the fall we're going to Scotland and England.”

Both were beautiful countries she'd visited many times, but neither were places she'd pick for a honeymoon. “You're going to keep working at the hospital?” Charlie had retired from the Navy and taken a position at a hospital in Virginia the previous fall.

“I love it there, so I see no reason to leave.”

Sara mentally nodded in approval. She already knew that Charlie loved her brother and not his money or powerful family name, still Charlie's decision to stay at the hospital further reassured her.

If only she could find a man who'd look past all that too. It seemed as if every man she dated saw her as a dollar sign rather than a flesh-and-blood woman. Perhaps men weren't capable of seeing beyond money and power. After all, the only two people she knew who truly didn't seem to care about those things were Charlie and Callie. Neither had been drawn to their spouses because of material goods. Maybe only women could look beyond what someone had and see the real person, though both of her brothers had dated their share of gold diggers before meeting their spouses.

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