The Billionaire Princess(5)

By: Christina Tetreault

While Sara pondered the differences between men and women, Charlie told her about why they'd chosen Scotland and England for a honeymoon rather than somewhere more exotic. As she did, the skin on the back of Sara’s neck tingled. At first she dismissed the sensation. When it didn't go away she shot a quick glance over Charlie's shoulder, but it revealed nothing out of the ordinary. A large portion of the beach had been closed off to other guests, and any people on the beach were much further down. So far down in fact, she doubted they would be able to tell who had just gotten married.

Still the feeling remained.

Automatically, Sara nodded in response to Charlie's words as she looked over toward her brother, her eyes locking with Christopher's. For a second or two their eyes stayed connected, his expression unreadable.

What did he see when he looked at her? Did he see the daddy's-little-princess that many of Jake's other friends imagined her to be? Did he see her as some political pawn like her last boyfriend? Breaking contact, she focused back on Charlie and their conversation.

Since she first met Charlie at Dylan and Callie's wedding the year before, she'd tried not to make the same mistakes with her that she'd made with Callie when they'd first met.

“Your brother couldn't come too?” Sara asked. She knew Charlie had an older brother although she'd never met him.

“We invited him but the Victorian Rose expected guests this weekend. He didn't want to cancel those reservations. Jake offered to compensate him for the loss, but Sean insisted canceling at the last minute would be bad for business.”

Sara nodded, a negative review on a website somewhere could ruin a small bed and breakfast.

“Ma will tell him all about the wedding when she gets home, and we're visiting them in two weeks.”


Christopher walked through the glass doors separating the living room area of the penthouse apartment from the rooftop pool. Callie must have planned this.

Charlie was a terrific woman and a perfect match for Jake, yet, she didn't strike him as the romantic type. And while Jake had always been smooth with the ladies, this didn't look like something he'd come up with either. Vases filled with long stemmed red and white roses sat on every table. Candles placed along the edge of the rooftop near the railing flickered as did the candles floating in the pool. The padded lounges had been pushed together and covered so they resembled wide couches, and throw pillows had been added to increase the effect. Soft music played in the background, loud enough for dancing but not so loud you couldn't have a conversation. A slight breeze from the ocean kept the rooftop a comfortable temperature as the wedding guests mingled over drinks and food.

Before joining the others, he stopped at the bar, which had been set up in the far corner, and ordered a vodka martini then filled a plate from the buffet. Satisfied with his food selections, he joined Jake and his family.

“Congratulations again,” Christopher said sitting in an empty seat facing the glass door. “Who did all this? I know it wasn't Jake.” With his hand he gestured around the rooftop.

Jake nodded in Callie's direction. “Callie planned the reception and Dylan arranged everything else.”

“Nicely done.” He looked over at Callie who sat diagonally across the table next to Dylan and Maureen. “Aren't we one short?” Christopher asked noticing that Sara still hadn't joined them. In fact he hadn't seen her since the photographer finished the pictures on the beach.

Jake paused with his wine glass almost to his mouth, “She needed to return some phone calls.”

The sound of the glass door sliding on its runner caught Christopher’s attention, and he immediately looked up. He watched Sara step outside and close the door behind her. She still wore the turquoise sundress from the wedding, but now her blonde hair hung in thick waves skimming her shoulders.

Raising his fork to his mouth, he watched as she crossed to the bar and ordered herself a drink. She moved with such grace and elegance—even if he hadn't known who she was, he would've known she wasn't just some ordinary woman. Everything about her spoke of wealth and privilege.

Since no one else seemed to notice, he kept his gaze locked on her as she stopped for food before joining the table.

“Sorry that took so long.” Sara pulled out a chair across from him.

“We know you just like to make an entrance,” Jake joked, pushing his empty plate away from him. Immediately a waitress appeared to clear the dish away.

Sara made a childish face and stuck her tongue out at her brother causing Christopher to nearly choke on the carrot he'd swallowed. While he could easily picture one of his sisters doing the exact same thing to him, the action didn't fit with the image he had of the proper and elegant Sara Sherbrooke. But if anyone else found her behavior odd, no one commented. Jake simply laughed and pushed his chair back.

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