The Billionaire Princess(6)

By: Christina Tetreault

“How about a dance, Mrs. Sherbrooke?” he asked holding out a hand to Charlie. Without a word Charlie accepted, and the couple moved toward the other side of the pool.

The sound of a chair scratching on the ground drew Christopher’s attention to Dylan whispering something in Callie's ear before they both stood and joined the dancing couple. Shortly after that Maureen pushed her chair back as well.

“I think I'll say goodnight. It's already tomorrow morning back in North Salem.”

Left alone at the table, Sara and Christopher ordered another round of drinks and finished their dinner in silence while the other two couples danced to the slow love songs pouring from the speakers.

Finished with dinner Christopher leaned back in his chair and watched Sara from across the table. Since joining the party she hadn't said much beyond the basic pleasantries.

“Do you want to dance?” he asked before taking the last sip of his second martini.

She was watching the two couples moving to the music and immediately her head whipped around to face him, but Sara remained silent.

“If you don't want to that's fine too.” It didn't matter much to him either way. When it came to dancing he usually avoided it. Yet she'd been watching the other couples with such longing, he guessed she enjoyed it.

Sara started to push her chair back. “Sure.”

Christopher followed her toward the dance floor. When she stopped and faced him, he encircled her waist with his arms and pulled her closer but kept an appropriate distance between them.

Once Sara slid her arms around his neck, they began to move to the classic love ballad pouring from the speakers. Slowly one song melded into another, and soon he couldn't remember how long they'd danced or when he'd pulled her so close. No space remained between them as they moved as one with her head resting against his chest. But he didn’t mind, in fact he liked the way her body felt pressed up against his. He didn't even mind that every now and then a strand of her silky hair blew across his face.

Throughout their dancing, his eyes strayed back to the woman in his arms. He enjoyed watching the candlelight flicker across her skin, and the way she felt in his arms.

A few feet away Charlie and Jake danced and, as the song ended, he noticed Charlie whisper in Jake's ear.

“I'm told it's time to call it a night. We'll see you all tomorrow.” The smile on Jake's face told everyone he was more than happy to head inside.

“I doubt that,” Dylan said from near the pool where he and Callie danced.

Jake ignored his half-brother and kept on walking.

Christopher agreed with Dylan. He’d be surprised if he saw Jake or Charlie again before he returned home.

“I think it's time we went inside too. We'll see you two sometime tomorrow.” Dylan led Callie toward the glass doors.

Christopher paused for a moment even though a new song started. “Looks like we've been deserted,” he said letting his eyes rest on Sara's face.

Sara met his gaze and then nodded, “Seems that way.”

Without any warning, Sara moved out of his arms. “I think I need another drink.”

He couldn't be certain but he thought he detected the slightest hint of embarrassment in her voice. “Sounds like a good idea. What can I make for you?”

“Another Cosmo would be great,” she answered with a tiny half smile.

Nodding he headed toward the vacant bar. He'd never received any formal training, but he knew how to mix the staple drinks. Once both drinks were prepared he carried them to Sara, standing near the pool.

For a while they both stood in silence gazing out at the beach below. Although long past sunset, the lights from the other hotels and the streets below provided enough illumination to see the sandy beach and rolling waves.

“Are you working for Sherbrooke Enterprises now?” He remembered Jake telling him Sara graduated from Harvard Law School. A position in the company's legal department seemed the next logical step for her. Assuming she worked at all. She didn't have any reason to.

“No. I'm Senator David Healy's chief of staff. I've been with him since his campaign.”

She took a large swallow of her drink and he watched, mesmerized for some reason by the way she held her glass to her lips. The urge to pull the glass away and replace it with his mouth started to overtake him. It wasn't the first time since meeting her years before that he'd been physically attracted to her, any man with a pulse would be. But tonight the pull was stronger. Different somehow. In a way he couldn't explain.

“You look surprised,” Sara said reminding Christopher that he still hadn't responded.

“I don't associate beautiful woman with politics.” He didn't stop to filter the thoughts flowing through his head and the words spilled out.

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