The Billionaire Princess(9)

By: Christina Tetreault

I cannot stay in here all day. Even if she didn't come out for any other reason, at some point she needed to eat. At the thought of food her stomach rumbled. Come on. You're a Sherbrooke. Sherbrookes don't hide.

After one last glance in the mirror, Sara marched out into the living room only to find it empty. The sound of movement in the kitchen told her someone was nearby.

The barest hint of cinnamon mixed with the aroma of coffee tickled her nose when she walked into the fully functional kitchen where Maureen O'Brien sat with a steaming coffee mug in front of her.

“You must have stayed up late last night,” Maureen said after greeting her. “I just finished breakfast, but I can make you something. Dylan and Christopher ate all the French toast I made, but I can make more if you want that.”

Before she could stop herself, Sara looked around again for either of the two men. “Where is everyone?” she asked even though she only cared about the current location of one particular individual.

“Dylan and Callie went to the beach. Christopher left for the airport about an hour ago. Jake and Charlie are still in bed.”

Jake and Charlie were still in bed, no big surprise there. They'd gotten married yesterday. As for Dylan and Callie, it made sense that they'd gone to the beach. Both enjoyed it, but didn't get there often, living in the city. Christopher's departure though seemed odd. It didn't seem like him to leave so abruptly. Then again what did she know? With the exception of the previous night's activities, she'd never spent more than an hour with him at a time.

“Don't worry about it, Maureen. I'll call for something.” While the penthouse apartment in the hotel had a complete kitchen, it also had full access to the hotel's amenities, which included two five-star restaurants.

“That's silly. Let me make you something,” Maureen said waving her hand for added emphasis.

The French toast and coffee from earlier did smell delicious, and Jake had told her what an excellent cook Maureen was. “If you really don't mind, some of that French toast would be great.”

As Maureen cooked she chatted away about the wedding the day before and Hawaii in general. Sara was grateful that the woman didn't mind that she did little more than nod in agreement. At the moment she couldn't handle an in-depth conversation with anyone. All her thoughts remained centered on the previous night's events. The fact that she'd slept with Christopher seemed like a dream or a scene out of a movie. She'd avoided men for two years yet after a few drinks and a single kiss she'd lost all of her common sense and her dress. How was she going to face her brother? No matter what, she couldn't let him find out. Who knew how it might affect his friendship with Christopher?

“I wish they'd invited your parents,” Maureen said. She placed a plate piled high with slices of French toast in front of her. “They should've been here.” Maureen sat down across from her. “Your mom will be heartbroken.”

Sara nodded in agreement and reached for the maple syrup. Heartbroken wasn't the only adjective that came to mind. Furious also ranked up there. Her father wouldn't be pleased either, but he would understand far better than their mother.

“I'm glad I'm not the one who has to tell them,” Sara said.

“Tell who what?” Jake asked walking toward the table. “Is that French toast I smell?”

The hunger she'd felt a few seconds earlier disappeared at the sound of Jake’s voice. “Tell Mom and Dad you got married.” She kept her eyes on her breakfast when she answered. If she looked at her brother now, she feared he'd know something wasn't right. While he'd never guess the true cause of her unease, he'd hound her until he got the information from her.

“They'll understand eventually.” He took a seat on the other side of the table. “Where is everyone else?”

“Callie and Dylan headed to the beach and your friend Christopher left for the airport after breakfast,” Maureen answered, placing a plate piled high with slices of French toast on the table.

“Left? I wonder why? I figured he'd stick around for the weekend.” Jake dug into his breakfast with gusto.

Sara kept her eyes down. “Probably business. You didn't exactly give anyone time to plan for being away from work.”

“Sometimes it’s fun to be spontaneous, Sara. Admit it, even you had fun yesterday.”

A flicker of apprehension coursed through her as the memories from the night before blossomed in her mind. “I guess.” She popped a piece of French toast in her mouth and hoped Jake would change the subject. She didn't want to discuss the events of last night with anyone, ever.

Sara finished a portion of her breakfast and then stood. “Maureen, that was delicious, but I cannot eat another bite.” She picked up her plate, prepared to carry it into the kitchen.

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