The Billionaire's Virgin Secretary #1: Secrets(8)

By: J. S. Starr

“It’s ok beautiful I will be gentle. You are going to feel so good in a minute I promise you. I’m going to fuck you really good baby.”

He forgot about the zipper as he wanted to feel her pussy more than ever now. The fact that she wanted to give herself to him for the first time made his cock throb. He picked her up in his arms and carried her over to his desk. He swiped everything on to the floor not caring how cliché it seemed. He was going to fuck his secretary right on his desk. He pushed up the skirt of her dress and slipped his hand between her legs. No panties. Julie, you naughty little girl. He rubbed her clit gently moving his thumb in a circular pattern, gently at first and then harder. She moaned softly.

“Oh Jordan!”

“I’m going to make you feel really good Julie.”

All she could do was moan when he slid a finger into her already wet pussy. She’s ready for me. He finger fucked her, and felt her pussy get wetter around his finger. He couldn’t take it anymore and when he heard her whisper, “More.” he planned on giving her much more.

He slid his finger out and started undoing his pants. He dropped them to his ankles but didn’t bother to get out of them. She lay back on the desk and spread herself before him.

When he slid inside her he made sure to be gentle. She was wet and warm around him and it drove him wild. He gently rocked into her until he filled her pussy completely. She moaned in delight and he rode her gently at first kissing her face and talking to her softly. When he knew she was alright, he pumped her a little faster until she was crying out his name. It sounded just the way he imagined it. She was so incredibly hot that just the act of fucking her made him horny to fuck her again. He fucked her a little harder mostly because he was losing all sense of reason being inside her warm pussy while she screamed his name. She exploded around his cock as he rode her hard and he spilled into her soon after.

He lay on top of her for a moment breathing in her sweet perfume. He lifted his head and kissed her deeply. He gently kissed her face, her throat and her neck, trickling kisses all the way to her chest.

“How are you doing Julie?”

She smiled. “That was very good. Just the way I imagined it would be.”

He sat up and exited her gently and began to clean himself off. He looked at the time. “Well we are definitely late.” He laughed but literally had no care in the world about a speech. Julie had felt incredible and he wouldn’t have missed fucking her for anything. He was tempted to go at her a second time just to feel inside her again. She was so moist and tight. It drove him nuts just thinking about it.

Julie sat up and started straightening out her dress. She was so hot that he continued contemplating giving it to her a second time but he knew they didn’t have time for that. Someone, probably his wife would come looking for him soon if he didn’t get down there. He had missed Mark’s speech and he was hoping Megan hadn’t noticed. He couldn’t believe what had happened, hadn’t he just had a talk with himself about being the model husband? He had never cheated on Megan before, what made him do it now?

He helped Julie zip up her dress and he gave her a little tap on the backside. She grinned as she finished getting ready. She reapplied her lipstick and he hoped her lips wouldn’t look so red by the time they got downstairs to the party. She looked like she had just been fucked no matter how hard she tried to straighten herself out. He liked that look. He couldn’t believe the power this girl had over him.

“We should probably go,” she said.

He nodded and kissed her on the cheek. “I’m going to go ahead, wait 5 minutes and then come after me.” She nodded back. He kissed her deeply taking her tongue and sucking on it. They made out like that for about 30 seconds and he wished he didn’t have to stop.

He left the room feeling happy and satisfied.

When he walked into the banquet hall that was most of the first floor of the Franklyn Building he couldn’t believe how many people were there. He threw one hell of a party as usual. Between his employees, clients and their significant others the soiree was a big one. He set down the awards on a side table and tried to clear his head. It was hard, however since his mind kept replaying his cock pounding away at Julie’s wet pussy.

Wow, that was amazing. How am I ever going to concentrate on anything again?

“Where the hell have you been?”

Startled he turned to find Megan behind him. Oh shit, of course she noticed his absence they were sitting at the same table after all. Julie was making his stupid. “Honey, you look ravishing! Is that dress new? Isn’t this some party?”

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