27 Lies(79)

By: MJ Fields

“I know both those things are true. I promise I’ll be right there, feeling every bit of it with you.”

I can’t help laughing.

“It’s true, Ava. Your pain is mine. Your joys are mine.”

Tears of joy are followed by a painful yet beautiful experience.

Luke is without words as he holds her. She is eight pounds, pink-skinned, blue eyes, and beautiful. She is healthy and adored, and his and mine. There is no question, or doubt, or worry.

She is ours.

“Your sister and brother are going to love you so much,” he tells her then kisses her cheek.

It dawns on me that every fear I have, when I allow it—the babies paternity, what may happen in the future, what struggles they will go through—he has been through most of it, and he will help them...and me figure it out.

“What name do you want on her birth certificate?” the delivery nurse asks.

Luke looks at me and smiles. “We were told it was a boy.”

“So you want some time to think about it?” she asks.

He shakes his head, and I am shocked because we haven’t discussed it at all.

“Her name is Faith.”

I smile. It’s perfect.

“Faith.” I smile as I say her name.

“We have Hope, Chance, and Faith.” He smiles at her. “Nothing else we need.”

One last thing…

It is rare, but it is true that twins can have different fathers.

Don’t believe it?

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Look what’s coming in June 2017:

Her First Kiss: Logan and London’s Story

Here’s a little peek to prepare you

Christmas, two years ago…

I can’t seem to remember a time when she wasn’t looking at me every time I glanced in her direction. A scowl was given in exchange for the one I gave her. Normally, it was followed by her sticking her tongue out at me, which pissed me off because, even then there was something about her that made me wish she never stopped looking at me. It wasn’t okay.

The first time I saw London, she was eight, and I was fucking twelve. She stuck her tongue out at me, and I winked at her, and then she blushed like crazy. I didn’t know she was four years younger until the next time I saw her. Didn’t matter, though. Younger is younger, and she was damn close to being family.

Because she was so close to being family, she was always around. Always. Every time I brought a girl to a function, she made smartass little comments, and then she would blush. It was like her mouth ran ahead of her brain, which isn’t a good thing. Absolutely adorable about half the time. The other half is downright embarrassing for her and me both.

She would somehow relay a message about the girl’s flaws. It was never blatant or in front of the girl. Often times, it was mumbled under her breath. And had the chick not been my date, it would have been pretty damn funny, but they were, so it wasn’t.

One dinner, when our families were all celebrating something, I made some smartass remark about London being a child. It was kind of a reminder to myself that she could and would never be as close to me as I would like. Couldn’t be.

Her little sister, Lexington, announced once at dinner that London had gotten her period years ago. I felt bad for her, like really damn bad, until she walked around the table and whispered to me, “I am all woman now.”

I about died. Since then, wanting her to like me came second to wanting to make her even more of a woman.


Luke and Ava have been with me from the very beginning of this storytelling journey.

Parts of the Legacy series and its characters were adapted from my own family and hometown, so I need to thank the ‘Fields’ family for always being there through thick and thin...even when some of us push away at times because our families’ love knows no bounds, or boundaries. Lol.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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