27 Lies(8)

By: MJ Fields

Now that has fucking changed. It all changed because of two things. One, she said she loved me and expected something I had no way to give her. And two, because I fucking hit her.

I hit her and bruised her eye. I hit her, and she flew off the bed by the force of my strike. I hit her, and she scurried into the bathroom to hide from me. From me! I hit her, and she acted like it was no big fucking deal. Accident, yes. Acceptable, never. During sleep or not doesn’t matter to me. It is unforgivable.

It was a big deal. Still is. It’s a fucking nightmare come true. It’s a reminder of all those men I see come home from war and flip their shit, knowing damn well that’s not who they are. And it’s certainly not who they would choose to be if they had a choice.

I hit her, and she professed her love to me. There is no way in hell I would ever let a woman love me after that.


“Luke, you coming down? Lunch is ready,” Lauren calls up to me.

“Yep,” I answer as I look away from Ava’s window and walk out of my room.


After lunch, we sit down in the living room, and Ryan pulls out a deck of cards.


“Sounds great.” I nod.

Not sure why, but honestly, whenever I am home, it feels like the world stops. As relaxing as it is, I’m not a relaxing kind of man, so after all this relaxation, I am dog-ass tired.

After playing cards for hours, I tell everyone I’m going to shower before we head to Harper and Maddox’s place. When I walk into my room and see a reflection of light pass through the window, I look out the window and see that fucking asshole’s Land Rover pull in, and I’m pretty damn sure Ava is sitting on the passenger side.

The muscles in my neck tense when I allow myself to think about what exactly she is doing lying across the front seat. I swear, if she is giving him fucking road-head, I am going to blow a fucking gasket because, all those fucking times I was home and fucking her, I never got a blow job. I never even got to eat her pussy. She was always too fucking wound up and needy.

I look away when they walk into her garage and disappear, having no fucking right to be angry, but I am. So fucking angry.

I throw my clothes off, and then I can’t stop myself from walking over and looking toward her house again.

In the kitchen window, I see her. Then I see his hands on her. She turns around so her back is to me, and the fucking asshole’s eyes meet mine. He gives me a shitass grin as he lifts her up.

Doesn’t take a genius to know what’s going on. He’s fucking her, knowing damn well I am watching, and he’s fucking enjoying it.

I turn away, now knowing he doesn’t deserve her any more than I do.


When we pull into Harper’s, I see the punk-ass Brit’s vehicle and know I have to play nice. She’s not mine. Never was.

Walking in behind Mom and Ryan, Mom laughs, asking, “The party started early and no one told us?”

“Ava and”—Lucas points to T—“T surprised us.”

I see Ava look at me, and then quickly at T, giving him a huge smile.

“T has asked for Ava’s hand in marriage.” Lucas smiles, but it’s pretty obvious he’s forcing it.

“Oh, my God.” Mom looks at the rock on her finger. “Holy shit! Look at that!” Then she hugs her.

“Thanks, Jade,” Ava says, looking at me briefly, clearly trying to see how I will react.

“Congratulations, Ava.” Ryan hugs her next.

“Congratulations, Ava,” I smile at her since it’s expected.

“Thank you, Luke.” She smiles back, a genuine one. “Hey, what are you doing home?”

“Our boy rolled his ankle during training, so he’s home until Wednesday when he flies into God only knows where to meet his team,” Ryan answers, patting my back. “Last mission, right, son?”

I nod. “Last mission.”

The drummer boy is glaring at me, so I smile and tell him, “Congratulations, Thomas.”

T nods, not saying a word.


At dinner, T asks questions that are none of his fucking business.

“How long will you be deployed?”

“Six months.”

“That’s too bad. You’ll miss the wedding.” He reaches over and pulls Ava against him. She smiles at him, nothing fake or forced.

“When is the wedding?” Tessa asks.

“We haven’t set a date yet,” Ava answer.

“But she was okay with getting married the night I asked her,” T boasts.

“I’d have a problem with that,” Lucas sneers, and I can’t help laughing. What the hell else can a man like me do in a situation like this?

T shrugs. “Whatever she wants, I’ll give her.”

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