27 Lies(9)

By: MJ Fields

He looks at me, and I know that look. He thinks he has won. He thinks he has Ava, the girl who told me she loved me just weeks ago. The girl who told me she always will, and I reacted like a man like me always did. I crushed her with words, with the only truth I could give her.

My truth.

What I didn’t expect was that what she said to me would be true.

“I am going to fill that hole you have created so that, when you pull your head out of whatever darkness it’s settled in, there is no room for a do-over.”

I would never ask her for a do-over. Never. I am a man of my word, and my words were harsh, unjustly so given the circumstances, but a girl like Ava needs that in order to walk away.

My words were a gift to her. She doesn’t know it, but it’s true.

Her gift is now my hell, and that hell has a British accent and voyeuristic ways. I don’t want that for her. She deserves better. Always has.

“Is it in hostile territory?” T asks me.

I glance at Ava, hoping she sees that he’s a little bitch, and an undeserving one at that.

I continue to look at her as I address him. “Usually is. But I’ll be fine.”

She looks away quickly, standing up to help clear the table.

“I think we’re going to head back to the house,” Ava says as she helps clear the table.

“Why so soon?” Lucas asks her and the loud mouth fucking peacock.

“She’s been working on a big case, traveling all over. She’ll be traveling for a few weeks, right, love?”

Ava nods.

“She’s one hell of a lawyer,” asshole says as he stands and hugs her.

“She’s worked her ass off to become one,” Lucas adds.

“And she’ll continue if that’s what she wants. Although, it is totally unnecessary,” T says, narrowing his eyes slightly as he looks at her.

It rubs me the wrong fucking way.

A little while later, Harper and Ava are chatting, and Ryan and Lucas are as well. I see T walk outside and decide to follow him. Fucker needs to know a few things.

As he walks back from starting the vehicle, he looks at me. I can tell he knew damn well I would be here.

He smiles and shakes his head as he walks closer. “You know you fucked up, right, Lane? But here’s the deal. I’m not pissed at you, brother. I want to hug you. Thank you. Fuck, I may even name our first child after you.”

“You don’t deserve her any more than I do. The difference is, I care enough to walk away. I have known her since she was a little girl when she used to tell everyone she was a princess. Hell, I believed she was just as much as she did back then. You are no fucking prince, and—”

“I don’t deserve her any more than you do? You must have sniffed too many fucking chemicals over in that desert, brother. That woman is a fucking princess, a goddess. I knew it from the moment I saw her years ago. And, in just a few months, she’ll be my queen.”

“Your queen?” I laugh. “A woman you fuck, knowing another man is watching? You are a sick fuck; you know that?”

“Some men”—he laughs as he says it—“need to see with their own fucking eyes when a woman has moved on. Just because she was sitting around, waiting for you all those years, doesn’t mean she will forever. Hell, the day after you last fucked her, I made love to her. Made. Love. To Ava. She said she’s never had it so well.”

“After all those pictures of the two of you over the years at my fucking family functions, don’t you think, if she loved you enough to marry you, she’d have known then?” I ask.

He tsks, “She was fucking you and living in her own head, believing in a childhood fairy tale she created.”

“She’s always been a dreamer,” I snap. “Your fucking point?”

“My point, motherfucker, is, you had her for seven years and didn’t deserve her. My point is, you are a sorry piece of shit for not seeing beyond your dick and seeing her”—he pokes me in the chest—“for who she is. My point is, I am her true love. Love doesn’t work the way she believed. She loved you enough to allow you to fuck others and her? What the hell—”

“She was fucking others, too,” I snap defensively.

He shakes his head. “And the U.S. Army trusts you to defend her? What a fucking joke. Stupid, stupid man—”

“Now, you listen to me, you pompous, little prick.” I poke him in the chest like he did me. “Word is word. She and I made a deal—”

He laughs. “Wow, some men are so incredulous. Are you the fucking heroic type? The men who protect and serve?” He laughs again. “Fucking idiot.”

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