Never Been Kissed(7)

By: C.M Kars

But good-looking doesn’t mean good. “Prove it,” I say, notching up my chin.

“Prove it?” Two words shouldn’t sound so dangerous.

“Yeah!” I don’t know why I’m showing this guy my meagre backbone. I should be doing this to my parents, not some stranger who asked to borrow a movie. But I’m too far gone now, and back-pedalling our whole conversation would be embarrassing. “Bring the kid over. Make sure he’s real and not made out of plastic and air.”

Hunter grimaces, rubs a hand over his mouth in agitation like I caught him in a lie. Tough shit and fifty points to Gryffindor! “Are we done here?” I ask, swinging the door to close. “Definitely done.”

I may have made an enemy of my next-door neighbour, and I’m probably going to have to move, or sleep with my own machete under my pillow, but I just showed off a little bit of a backbone I didn’t know I had, and it was worth it.

“What just happened?” Katie asks, now two feet behind me. I jump and punch her in the arm for scaring me.

When she whines that I really did hurt her, I snap, “Like you don’t know what happens when I get scared. Shit. The guy next door, wants one of my Disney’s. Said it’s for his neeeephewww. Liar. I knew there’d be something wrong with him, even though he’s a sex god.”

“Sex god? You’ve been holding out on me, Delos! Let me see!” Katie scrambles for the door, using Charlie Conway’s triple-deke on me to get to the doorknob.

Just in time for another knock and for her to open the door.

This. This is how real life is. Gorgeous guy meets gorgeous girl in the most oddest of places and times. It’s been written over and over in books and screenplays. The truth had to come from somewhere. Hunter’s gonna look at Katie and he’s going to want her. She’s going to want him back. And I’m not okay with that. But I’ll have to be.

“Where’s Sera?”Hunter’s deep voice rings out in my apartment. I stand still, rooted to the spot, mouth hanging open. Did that just happen? I want to punch myself. Wake UP. Reminding myself that I have Wonder Woman boy shorts on, and therefore need to channel her badassness, I stomp to the door, moving out from behind Katie.

“What now?” Except the last bit doesn’t come out so well, since a little kid is standing at Hunter’s feet, waving at me. My hand comes up on its own and waves back. He looks so much like Hunter. Same nose, same eye shape, same build, even. How old is he? Four, five? I point at him. “You want Peter Pan?”

The little kid nods and gives me a sweet smile. Nephew. Hunter said the movie’s for his nephew. God, I’m sick.Who cares if it’s Hunter’s son or nephew or whatever. He’s not for you.

I turn and move to my DVD bookcase, grab the movie and hand it to the little guy. When I place it in his hands, he holds it almost reverently, like the movie’s a precious treasure of some faraway land. In a way, it kinda is.

“Thanks. He’ll have it back tomorrow, I swear,” Hunter says, nodding at me. He doesn’t touch the kid as he moves to his place next door.

“Fine,” I say, waving to the kid. Why would Hunter lie? If the little guy’s his son, but Hunter won’t acknowledge him, then it’s a dick move, and I don’t hang out with assholes. Katie moves to close the door, twisting my lock and adding the chain. My hand comes up, keeping her quiet.

“No talking. He might have Extendable Ears,” I whisper, finger over my mouth.

“God, was that another Harry Potter reference?” She crosses her arms over her chest and looks to my ceiling, praying for patience.

“Hell yes. I won’t stop ‘til you’ve read them all.”

“What series has seven books, huh? What is that?”

“It’ll be the greatest adventure of your life. I promise. Did you watch the fight?”

Katie nods. “I won’t ask who won.”

“As if you’d even know what I’m talking about.”

“WWE’s got nothing on Harry Potter.”

“Sera, I hate to break this to you, but you’re going to die alone.” The words are said with a smile, and an arm-squeeze around my shoulders as my best friend guides us back to my badass couch.

I wonder if she heard the truth in the words as much as I did.

A week passes, and I don’t see Hunter or his kid. I say his kid, because I’m not stupid, and when a kid is your clone, well, means he’s yours. Nephew.Pffffft. Right.

Katie’s called me every single day since seeing Hunter and his hotness, wondering when I’m gonna get on that. Like he’s a mountain I’m supposed to climb or something.

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