Rm w/a Vu(157)

By: A. D. Ryan

As Hayley and I drew nearer, I took in the deep blue color of his eyes and the way they sparkled like sapphires in the sun. I was instantly mesmerized. We continued to lope around the arena, and when I caught the stranger’s gaze again I got lost in his eyes once more. There was something in the way he was watching me that made me smile, and he returned that smile with one that caused a flurry of butterflies to erupt in my belly. Completely distracted by his smirk, I hadn’t even realized that Hayley was headed for the small cross-rail just off the trail until we were nearly upon it.

On instinct, I leaned forward in preparation for her to take the jump, but as I did, Hayley stopped…and I kept on going. The ground came up to meet me far too fast, and all I felt was pressure in my head as I landed hard on my back.

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