A Spring Deception (Seasons Book 2)(90)

By: Jess Michaels

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” Vivien asked.

Elise spun around to see his face when he answered her. It twisted in pure horror. “Is that what she told you?”

Elise gasped. “No!” she burst out. “I had no idea it was you I was being led to meet.”

Vivien nodded. “I didn’t tell her a thing, nor did she ask for you. But I assumed…I assumed…”

“What?” Lucien fumed, raising his hands in animated fury. “Why in God’s name would you assume I wanted this?”

 Vivien lifted both eyebrows. “You showed up here after over a year away from my club, on the very night your former fiancée appeared looking for a protector. I assumed you were hoping to match with her. The coincidence-”

“Is just a coincidence,” Lucien snapped.

Rejection stung every part of her, but Elise lifted her chin as he turned to look at her at last. His dark gaze flitted over her and his pupils dilated.

“Get out.”

Elise wrinkled her brow. “Are you speaking to me?”

He shook his head very slowly. “Not you. Vivien. Get out.”

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