Alexia Eden (FairyTales Don't Exist)(5)

By: Sophie Summers

“Don’t go too far hun, it’s not safe in those woods at this time of night and don’t go up the hill near the log cabins, those folks aren’t fond of people on their land…” she carries on mumbling, but I’m just not interested in anything anyone has to say right now. I just need to get away from Georgina and get some space to breathe.

Walking behind our trailer, all I see is the forest and trees, I don’t know what makes me do it but I really don’t care. I need to get away for a little bit. Trailing a distinct path, I hear what sounds like water flowing, I follow the sound and come to a small waterfall in the middle of the forest.


Walking to the big rock near the water, I lie down with my knees up and my arms folded under my head looking at the sky scattered with stars above me, the full moon looks beautiful tonight. Lounging in the ambience and peacefulness of the quiet night I begin to think whether this solitude I find myself hiding in is something I still really want. Pushing people away is far more harder and lonelier than I ever thought it could be, I know this path I’m leading can only bring more unhappiness and even though becoming emotionally distant with everyone besides my mother was a good idea at the time, I’m not sure how long I can deal with being alone since the only person I want to notice me doesn’t acknowledge me and I don’t know if my mother ever will again especially when I’m a constant reminder of what she lost.

It’s quiet out here, all you can hear is the trickling of water and the wildlife surrounding me in the dark night. Usually I’d prefer having earphones in my ears with blaring music just so I can’t hear my thoughts… but this, I actually enjoy this silence. It’s peaceful out here in the dark, the only light coming from the full moon above me.

Thinking to myself about my father, I let out a sad sigh.

“Daddy, why did you have to leave us? I don’t think I can do this on my own…” I say out aloud as if he could possibly answer me.

After what seems close to a few minutes looking at my phone, I realize I’ve been here for over two hours. Suddenly all my thoughts fizzle away when I hear movement in the bushes. I freeze then quickly sit up, looking around I see the bushes move. Jumping off the rock, I hide behind the big boulder. Holding my breath, scared shitless for what’s about to come out of them. Peeking over the side of the rock trying to see what’s out there, just enough for one eye to look because I’m afraid of being noticed by whatever or whoever is out here.

Out of nowhere I see a huge dog, its brown or dark brown – I can’t really tell since the moon is only so bright. It lifts its head up as if to smell the air, oh shit, can it smell me? Oh gosh, it probably can! I quickly sit back behind the rock with my knees to my chest, my arms crossed over them and my head down. My hair falling down to cover the open gaps, it’s the only shield I have at the moment to protect me from seeing anything. I hear the sound of the animal walking on the leaves and branches, the snapping and crunching of leaves beneath its paw gets louder and it’s coming closer to the where I am.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what am I going to do! I squeeze my eyes shut, my heart is beating so fast it hurts; I’m scared to breathe in case it sees the movement.

All of a sudden I feel something on my hair, my whole body tenses as it touches my hair again but this time I can hear it breathing, the animal’s snout is right by my ear. I think its smelling me, it pulls away but this time licks my forearm that’s holding my knees together tightly.

The animal moves away, I hear movement and leaves cracking, so slowly I lift my eyes, peeking through the hair that’s fallen on my face. I see the big brown dog sitting on the ground in front of me just staring down at me, he nudges my leg with his snout and I grasp, I lift my head up fully and move the hair that’s fallen on my face behind my ear so I can look at the dog properly.

He’s absolutely beautiful, he’s huge though, looking up to the dogs face – I see beautiful hazel eyes just staring at me. Slowly I lift my trembling hand and raise it to the dogs face; I want to touch its fur it looks so shiny. The dog’s head meets my hand as if to tell me “it’s okay, I won’t bite” giving me the encouragement I need I gently stroke the dog’s head, lifting myself off the ground I sit up on my knees. Although it still towers over me, I get a better look at him, not sure if it’s a girl or boy – I get the feeling it’s a male.

Now standing on my feet, I stroke its back which reaches just above my waist. I scratch its head and he licks the side of my face, I giggle and wipe my face with the back of my hand. “You’re quite a cutie aren’t you?” shaking my head when I find myself talking to the dog.

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