Alexia Eden (FairyTales Don't Exist)(6)

By: Sophie Summers

The dog drops to the ground and lies on its back, with his paws in the air, mouth open and tongue hanging out the side, I start laughing at what he’s doing then bend down to pat the dog’s chest.

My phone starts vibrating in my pocket, seeing that its Georgina calling; I quickly give the dog one last pat.

“Sorry buddy I gotta go back home now.”

Dusting myself off, I start walking back through the way I came noticing the dog still at my side walking beside me. He follows me all the way to where the forest stops then he sits and watches me as I make my way to my back door, I go inside and look through the window on the side to see the dog slowly withdrawing back into the woods. Smiling at the thought of what I just discovered and how the animal made me laugh. It was the closest I’ve been to feeling happy in a long time and it was a damn animal that managed to break through my barrier the first night here in this new little town.

I quickly swallow down that little spark of happiness when I hear laughter coming from the kitchen. I walk to the fridge and get out a soda sitting on the chair at the island thinking about the big dog I saw – I forget that my mom and Amber are still laughing and chatting away until they become silent. I find them staring at me with stupid expressions on their faces.

“I was wondering when you were coming back, you look as if you saw a ghost Hun, what’s wrong? Why are your pants so dirty?” My -at this point tipsy- mother says.

“Nothing’s wrong, umm… Amber? Did you know there’s a small waterfall down in the wooded area out back?” I say looking now focusing my attention on Amber.

Amber goes tense and seems completely sober now. “Lexi you shouldn’t go out there in those woods, it’s near those people I told you about and it’s not safe for a girl like you."

“I found this big dog, it was pretty cool, he came outta nowhere, I was scared at first but he was so friendly. I’m guessing it was a boy, I just…” I burst out rambling excited about the dog in the woods but I’m quickly interrupted by my mother.

“Alexia it wasn’t a dog, those are wolves! You need to stay away from them! Stay outta those woods too, no good can come from you going in there!”

“Okay mother.” I say with my head down then head back toward my room as my excitement fades, too tired from the long drive and the day I’ve had to argue with this woman. I turn to see my mother and Amber whispering but they both stop when they see me looking. Shaking my head, “whatever…”


It’s been a few days now, I’ve been keeping myself busy, cleaning the house and even the garden outside our trailer while moms been at work. Despite my mother warning me to stay away for the woods I’ve snuck out every night to go to the waterfall and every single time I was there, the brown wolf was there too. He would lie next to me with his head on my lap while I scratched his head and told him stories about my parents and about when I was younger. I knew it wasn’t safe out in the woods but I felt drawn to the wolf and I was able to tell him all the things I’ve kept in for so long, I knew as long as he was there I was safe. I didn’t feel so alone anymore, even if I was talking to a damn dog, that damn dog was the only thing that was able to break through my walls and make me feel happy again, it gave me hope that maybe I would be okay after all. Maybe I could get through this. I wasn’t sure if this happiness would last but I knew for sure that I was going to cherish that damn dog and keep it close until my happiness ran its course, however long that might be.

Sitting on the bench on the patio, drinking from my water bottle I see mom’s car pull up and out jumps her and Amber laughing and hanging on each other as if they were teenage girls.

“Get ready hun, we’re going out tonight and you’re coming with us, you need to get out of this house and have some fun!” Amber says running up to me dragging me behind toward mom’s room. I follow, not really sure what to say – obviously I want to get out of this house but not sure if I want to go anywhere with those two nuts.

“Hmmm what should you wear?” Mom says as she looks through the clothes in her closet tapping her long red nails against the closet door.

“Ooh what about this Lex? And you can wear those black boots of yours, the ones that go just above your ankles?” She says as she holds up a pair of skinny jeans with a black and gold vest, it’s actually something I would wear.

“Or….” She drags on, pulling out this little leopard print dress. “You could wear this?” she says smirking at me.

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