Alexia Eden (FairyTales Don't Exist)(7)

By: Sophie Summers

“Nope that’s okay this will do, thanks.” I say snatching the jeans and vest scurrying away as her an Amber laugh at my response.

Moments like this remind me of how much I miss my mom, the sober one, not Georgina. I’m actually excited to spend time with her, I haven’t spent time with her for a while but since she seems as if she’s in a good mood tonight, I have a feeling that I could actually be able to enjoy myself and act my age for once.

After getting out the shower and dressing up, I blow-dry my hair and straighten it so it’s sleek, smooth and bearable. I decide on a smoky eye and some pink blush on my cheeks with pink lip gloss. My leather jacket fits well with the outfit I’m wearing and I give myself a last look in the mirror before heading out the door. Walking out the room I see mom and Amber collect their bags and head out telling me how good I look. I blush and mutter a quiet thanks.

They tell me that we’re just going down town to the bar they both work at so that I can meet some of their friends. The bar looks just like any other “pub & grill”, there’s a small stage up front and center with a couple tables and chairs all around the floor, some corner booths and chairs along the sides with some families obviously having their dinner, the walls are covered in photos and old records and even some instruments on display. Pulling me from my thoughts is Amber’s squeaky voice by the bar; mom grabs my arm pulling me in Amber’s direction. I’m introduced to what’s seems to be all the staff at Milo’s Bar. I sit there chatting all while sipping on my soda keeping an eye on mom.

She puts down a tray of shots on the table as I glance around the bar, looking around my eyes land on a table full of kids around my age, there’s five of them. My eyes are immediately on the girl that stands out. She’s wearing heavy eye liner and mascara with dark lipstick on. She also has a couple facial piercings and unlike my small nose stud she has a proper ring. Her arm is around another girl who seems to be Asian, they must be a couple I think to myself as I look at the intimate way they’re looking and talking to each other. The other side of the table is a girl and guy, the girl has blond shoulder length hair and she’s chatting and laughing with the guy next to her who has curly brown hair and a baby face.

Looking at the other side of the table my eyes catch the guy that is sitting with the two couples, he is staring directly at me with a smirk on his face that tells me he’s obviously just caught me scoping out his friends. He nods his head as if to say hi, I do the same and feel my cheeks heating up at the way he’s looking at me, he’s gorgeous and should definitely not be looking at plain old me like that.

He has messy blond hair and his skin is tanned compared to my pale reflection, he has a perfect face with high cheek bones and what looks to be green eyes but I’m not that close so I can’t get a good look.

I stop myself from staring at him, I need to stop drawing any more attention from him, attention I don’t want – even if it did feel good for a moment to have someone look at me the way he did. I remind myself that we’re probably not going to stay in town long; mom says that this time will be different and she’s going to change. Yeah right... not going to get my hopes up. Even though I thought I would try letting those walls down, I’m not going to get attached to anyone, this way is better, this way I can deal.

Luckily mom grabs my attention from the good looking guy by handing me a shot.

“C’mon honey just one shot, then you can go back to your soda and continue ogling that fine piece in the corner.” She says loud enough for our entire table to hear then winks at me.

“Georgina! Shh… oh my gosh!” I say dropping my head down trying to hide my embarrassment. I can feel the blond boy’s eyes on me from across the room and I pray that he didn’t hear what she said.

“Oh C’mon babe, just have a shot with us old ladies!” Amber says pushing the glass my way. “It will be our little secret.”

“Okay … let’s do this, but no more after this one! Someone has to be sober enough to drive your drunken ass’s home.” I down the shot and tap it on the table. “Wow, that’s delish! What was that?” I say looking at Amber.

“That my dear was a shot of caramel vodka. I thought you’d enjoy it, I know how much you love caramel.” Mom says as she drunkenly wobbles to my side with her arm over my shoulder. I sit her down on the chair and ask one of the passing waitresses for a glass of water.

“Mom, how much have you had to drink, this is only your second drink why are you falling all over the place?” I say kneeling so I’m eye level with her. Moving a piece of her hair out of her face I look at her eyes and I can see that she’s not drunk, she’s high. The waitress brings her water and I make her drink it.

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