Bearfoot and Pregnant(2)

By: Milly Taiden


Talen Arctos let his anger loose with a massive roar. A roar so loud the other men sitting around his cabin headquarters turned to glance at him with open shock.

Though Talen was not the most social bear clan leader, he got the job done. His clan built giant cabins without wasting the resources on their planet. Most of the cabins were built in unusual locations and used caves and other areas available as extensions to their build.

“What do you mean Paxten isn’t coming with me?” He ground the words out, curling his hands into fists and wanting to smash it on the table so hard, he’d probably break the antique into smithereens.

His right-hand security officer, Dylan Sroden, grimaced. “I’m sorry, Tal, but Paxten was pissed that you said he wasn’t allowed to spend time with both Lashelle and Marla.”

Tal clenched his teeth so hard he swore he was going to break his jaw. His brother tested his patience every single day of his life since his parents had died. As clan leader, Tal had no time to give in to Paxten’s petty mood swings.

“You realize this is all my mother’s fault,” he spat while trying not to be angry at his deceased parents. His mother had given Paxten everything he ever wanted and treated him like a baby well into his adulthood.

“Don’t be so angry,” Gable, a younger bear who was friends with Paxten said. “He’s a bit frustrated.”

Talen stared down the other bear until he glanced away. There was no excuse for Paxten’s attitude and actions lately. He’d pushed his limits and was giving the clan a bad name.

“You think his wanting to lead two females on and getting their hopes up is mere frustration I should tolerate?” He growled at Gable.

Now Tal needed Paxten to step up and make his own mark in their family business. The business wasn’t a necessity since their clan owned the western forest down to the majestic falls of Aurora. The vast forest land was perfect for living and with a giant river to feed from and farm, they needed for nothing.

But Tal’s father had liked to work. He’d liked to do things with his hands and when he created their secondary family home out of a cave and combined it with a cabin to create a new type of living quarters, the rest of the clan had loved it.

Word got around. Everyone wanted them to build for them. From the dragos to the tigers to the jaguars. Hell, the group had even gotten requests to visit Galaxa, one of the neighboring planets, and build for them. The king of the alien warriors wanted new hunting lodges and Tal had been talking to him about doing business.

“I’m sorry.” Gable stepped back, his long hair covering most of his face as he put his head down, not meeting Talen’s gaze.

“It is the fact everyone has made excuses for him since he was a child that has made him into the mess he is today.”

“You’re right,” Gable nodded, his voice low, and though apologetic, sounding annoyed. “I just think maybe you could let him decide who he wants to mate between the two females without interfering.”

“I wouldn’t have interfered if their parents didn’t come to me demanding Paxten stop what he’s doing.” Tal’s bear roared inside. “We are not like the weak human males who go back and forth between females to decide which one they like most. We allow our animal to choose and then we mate. Simple.”

Anger lit and diffused in Gable’s eyes. “I understand.” He turned to go. “I’ll see if I can talk some sense into him.”

Tal watched him go. He didn’t like the way Paxten and his friend wanted to do things their way without any repercussions. That’s not how the Arctos clan worked and it never would as long as Talen was in charge.

“Paxten is acting like a kid instead of a grown man.” The bear inside Talen wanted to come out and destroy something. Anything. He’d been edgy for months. Between his brother and Tal’s refusal to mate, the animal was pissed, horny, and ready to break down a few trees.

“I’m sorry,” Dylan sighed, lifting and dropping his large shoulders. His arms flexed in the sleeveless shirts they liked to work in. The western forest was always cool. Leaves fell and grew constantly, giving the place a look that resembled fall and spring on Earth. Tal had seen enough videos of Earth to hurt his heart. The way they destroyed the forests and didn’t put trees back when they took them down. It was shameful.

“I wanted him to come along and visit with Alyx so we could show the king that Paxten is growing into his position as my second-in-command,” Talen growled. He marched to the giant wall of glass that immediately opened to let him out onto the edge of the cliff where his office cabins were located. Dylan’s footsteps followed.

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