By: Kim Karr

His hand makes its way inside the top of my dress and he starts to thumb my nipple. “I love that you don’t have a bra on.”

Searching for my damn key still, I am momentarily distracted by the beat, beat, skip of my heart.

Oh God, now his teeth are grazing my skin where he’s pushed my hair aside and his other hand is resting on my hip.

Searching is futile because this is my heart—Skip. Beat. Beat. Beat. Skip. Beat. Beat. Beat. Skip.

His mouth is just above my shoulder and he’s sucking my skin between his teeth, the tip of his tongue circling against it. His one hand is still on my breast and now the other has slid from my hip to between my legs.

I need to search harder, and I do. More frantically even. My fingers are trembling, but finally I feel the slick plastic under my fingertips. “Here it is,” I say, holding it up.

Keen’s hands are off me and he snatches it right up. Probably better, because he makes fast time of swiping it. The light turns green and the door unlocks.

In this one fleeting moment, a thought passes through my mind. I know lust. I know desire. I know arousal. What I don’t know is what else this is between us. All three, or something completely different?

It’s just a momentary thought that eases from my mind the minute the door swings open and we push through it without moving apart.

We’re already past the hallway and in the room before the door clicks shut. And our hands are everywhere even faster.

An air of desperation weaves its way between us and he pushes me up against the wall to cage me in with his strong body, and then his body is up against mine. Dropping his head, his mouth is on my chest, just above the fabric of my dress, and he’s sucking hard, hard enough to leave his mark, and I don’t care.





When he works his lips up my chest, he stops at my neck and bites a little harder. I cry out in sheer pleasure.

The hiss I get in response isn’t to be missed, and it’s then that he tilts my chin to look at him, to meet those blazing blue eyes. “I don’t know if you are an angel or the devil, but you’re too goddamn sexy for words.”

I turn my head to bring my mouth close to his ear. “Why don’t you find out?”

The movement happens so fast. One second I’m on the ground, the next I’m in his arms, wrapping my legs around him, pressing my chest to his, and then my feet are back on the ground and standing in front of the bed.

“I can’t wait another minute, Maggie. I need to be inside you right now.” His voice has grown thick with so much desire I swear it’s oozing sex.

Maggie. My name on his lips makes my stomach jump nervously.

His hands move so fast. One second the spaghetti straps to my stretchy camisole dress are up on my shoulders, the next they’re down, and his hands are on my breasts for the shortest of moments, as if he just needed a little touch.

And then my dress is off, and Keen is hissing in my ear and cursing that one delicious word over and over. As I rip his shirt buttons open in haste, I hear one spring against the wall.

Oh well.

Rapidly, I move to his belt. He doesn’t stop me. He’s too busy running his hands down the sides of my body and back up. Undoing his belt, I shove his pants and boxers down at the same time.

By the time I step out of my dress already pooled at my feet, undo my damn booties and take them off, and then slide my panties down, he’s already toed his shoes off, removed his pants and boxers, and tossed a condom on the bed.

I look up just in time to see him standing tall, to see his body revealed to me. Blinded by the perfection, I make a small, helpless noise of appreciation. I can’t stop myself. Everything about him is just so beautiful. His skin is smooth, his body void of any hair everywhere from the neck down, and I mean everywhere. And his delicious cock is thick, long, and very ready.

Everything moves so fast once again. His hands are on my hips and he’s pulling me against him as his mouth finds my throat. “Once I fuck you, then I’m going to explore every part of this gorgeous body and taste every inch of you.”

Gasping without words once again, all I can think is I am good with that.

Licking up my neck, his mouth fuses to mine and we fall to the bed in a tumble.

Caught in the net of passion and web of desire, the only thing that matters is what is about to come.

Body to body.

Skin to skin.

Heartbeat to heartbeat.

Never losing our connection, Keen effortlessly manages to move our bodies to the head of the bed. Once I’m resting on one of the pillows, he rears back and looks down at me.

The predator on the prowl.




Without thought, I reach down to touch him, feel him, but he’s already twisted around and is expertly ripping open the condom package and stroking the latex down to his base.

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