Belong to You(59)

By: Vi Keeland

Jack lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom, setting me down on the bed gently. I watched as he unbuckled his pants and took off his boxers, never taking his eyes off of me. He sat me up and pulled the tank top I was wearing over my head. He climbed on top of me and gently kissed my lips. He pulled his head back just enough to look me in the eyes. “I love you too Syd.” Then he made love to me.


On the morning of my flight, I was surprised that Jack said he needed to stop at the office. “I just have to pick up something. We can stop on the way to the airport, it will only take five minutes.”

We were both quiet, but it didn’t have anything to do with the unplanned stop at Jack’s office. I wasn’t going to see Jack for three full weeks, until I had a break in my schedule. We planned for him to fly to Rome for four days then. He was going to come for the Rome concert and then we were going to stay three days together, before I had to fly out to Prague for the next show.

Mateo pulled up in front of Jack’s office and he opened the door and held out his hand. I was surprised that he wanted me to come inside, after the last time I had visited. I really didn’t want his last memory of me in his office to be my childish behavior from last time, so I sucked it up and got out with him without question.

Jack’s assistant spied us as soon as we walked in. “It’s on your desk.” She smiled at me sweetly.

We walked to his office hand in hand. I was relieved that I didn’t have any Jenna sightings that might upset me before I had to leave. Inside his office, Jack handed me an envelope.

“What’s this?”

“Open it.”

Inside was a pretty silver heart keychain with a bunch of keys and some folded papers.

I looked at him curiously.

“The keys to the penthouse, my office and the storage unit. And an open first class ticket in case you need to come home for an unplanned visit.”

I understood the first two and the last. “The storage unit?” I asked confused.

“Where I’m having your furniture stored next weekend. I’m moving you into the penthouse next weekend. You can figure out what you want to keep and get rid of when you get back.”

My eyes widened with disbelief. I was about to argue when, through the corner of my eye, I saw the picture that I had given him on his desk, perfectly positioned for him to see from his chair. He had taken the present I had rudely delivered to him on his birthday and put it proudly on display. My picture was on the desk of the man who never had any personal belongings in his office. I took a deep breath and decided to throw caution to the wind. “Okay.”

“Okay?” He had definitely expected more of an argument.

I reached up on my tippy toes and kissed him sweetly on the mouth. “I belong to you, so why not.”

Jack tipped my head back and kissed me deeply. “I’m going to be taking a lot of cold showers over the next three weeks.” He made a sexy growling noise as he took both my ass cheeks into his hands and pressed me up against his erection. For the first time in a week, I felt like we might actually make it. We might…..

Jack and Sydney’s story continues in book two, Made For You.

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