By: Angela McPherson

I laughed, and Alyssa sighed dramatically behind me.

"Make yourself at home and we'll be out in a bit," I said, then followed Alyssa to our room. I overheard Tisha asking about the nicknames. I heard Tristan's chuckle as I walked farther down the hall. He wasn't short, but after Alyssa's supermodel growth spurt in junior high, she solicitously aired the extra inches over him.

Ten minutes later, Tisha stuck her head in our room just as I'd finished slipping my boots on. "Hey, gals. Megan and I are headed to the party." She leaned closer into the room. "And just so you know, Ginger has her eyes set on your man. Girl, you know how she is. I'd keep a close eye on her."

"Thanks, but I think Tristan can handle himself." Alyssa rolled her eyes in the mirror at my comment.

"Well, I guess we'll see y'all there," Tisha said, and then left.

I didn't usually wear makeup so I was ready in no time. I waited for Alyssa to finish up, but knowing Tristan and Ginger were alone, I wanted to get out there. "Hey, I'm gonna go talk with Tristan while you're finishing up in here. Okay?"

"Whatever, I'll be out in a minute." Alyssa pressed her lips together while looking in the mirror.

I walked out of our room. My palms instantly became clammy with sweat, and my breathing came out in quick pants. Before I turned the corner, I stopped, taking a few deep, measured breaths to calm me down.

In the living room, I found Tristan sitting next to Ginger. The sight caused my insides to tighten. Ginger was a mean, spiteful person, but had the looks to back her up. She had a perfect cream complexion and long auburn, curled locks that dangled around her shoulders. Admittedly, it fared well with the skin-tight navy dress she chose. Her lips were glossed with a hint of pink, but no signs of any other makeup showed. Tristan glanced over his shoulder and smiled at my frozen state.

"Hey, Spud." I cringed again. "Lookin' good. Is Amazon almost finished?" He looked at his watch then back at me.

"She's almost ready." I couldn't help the angry glare I aimed at Ginger. "So, Ginger, are you waiting for Bret to pick you up or is it Robbie now?" I couldn't deny myself the insult, because the way her body leaned close to Tristan irritated the crap out of me.

With a wicked smile that would make the devil proud, she said, "I asked Tristan if he wanted to couple with me since you and Alyssa are going together. Besides, I wouldn't want him to wander around getting lost." She lifted her hand and eyed her manicured nails.

"We could only hope," Alyssa countered, coming up from behind.

"Good to see you, too." Tristan winked, pushing himself off the couch, and then walked to stand beside me.

"Okay you promised you'd be nice this weekend. I haven't seen you in forever, and I don't want to play referee between you two." I wrapped my arm around Tristan's elbow.

"I can't believe you're friends with these two," Ginger said, jutting her bottom lip out in a flirty pout.

"Amazon is a package deal when it comes to Elle, and Elle is the closest thing to a sister I've got. I consider them more like family."

To the unknowing such as Ginger, you'd think his tone sounded playful, but I could hear the warning undertone behind his words. However, I also couldn't help notice he classified me as a sister, and worse yet, so did Ginger. Not something you wanted to hear from the guy you're in love with.

"Aw, you got all mushy on me, Shrimp. This little reunion     is great and all, but we have a disco to get to. So if you don't mind?" Alyssa clicked her heels over the door and walked out.

Chapter 3


The vision I'd had of Elle the other night dulled in comparison to the way she looked tonight. The bottom of her dress raised just enough, exposing the natural tanned skin of her thighs, and the hypnotizing swing of her hips when she walked in front of me made it difficult not to stare. I knew if I didn't get a handle on my thoughts, I'd end up taking a cold shower by the end of the night.

"Do you want to ride with me?" I turned to the redhead. She had a tall, slender, hot body, and I got the distinct impression she knew as much. She offered to share her oversized bed tonight so I wouldn't have to sleep on the couch. I never liked girls who were easy, and she had easy written all over her pretty little face. She also mentioned her dad's credentials–a big shot plastic surgeon–like I gave a damn.

"Tristan, you can ride with Ginger if you want," Elle said, shrugging her delicate shoulders, indifferently.

"You sure?" Elle waved off my question and slid into the car with Alyssa.

"I guess it's settled then." The redhead smiled. I hesitated until Alyssa backed out of the driveway.

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