By: Angela McPherson

"Miss Richards, if you aren't interested in paying attention to my lecture then please leave. I'd prefer not to waste my time at the end of the semester helping you catch up." The lecture hall laughed, my cheeks flamed, and I sunk further into my chair.

"Sorry, sir. I'll be sure to pay attention." I stumbled over my words, which caused Mr. Edwards to shake his head disdainfully. Being as this was a journalism class, stuttering in response didn't gain me any points.

Tardy the first day of class–check. Humiliated in the first class of the day–check. Thanks to me, we were assigned to research ways not to stutter during an interview.

"Thanks a lot, Elle," Sami, a fellow sorority sister, grumbled as I walked by on my way out of class. I really wanted to kill Alyssa, as long as Ginger didn't get to her before I did. Thankfully, the rest of my morning classes ran smoothly, and I headed back to my house for a quick bite to eat.

When I opened the front door, Alyssa shot up and off the couch. "Elle, ohmygod!" She grabbed my arm, yanking me with her down the hall to our room.

"Jesus, you're hurting me. What the hell?" Alyssa freed my arm, plopping down on my bed. Why she always found it necessary to mess up my bed was beyond me.

"Well, what's the urgency? And can you not plop yourself on your own bed?"

"Mine's a mess. Besides, I had to tell you something without the others around."

I shook my head and sat beside her. "Does this have to do with why Ginger came banging on our door at three o'clock this morning?"

She grinned, showing her perfect straight white teeth.

"Yes," she admitted. "Last night at the mixer, Bret charged into the game room all pissed. At first I ignored him, but then he asked if I'd grab him a beer. I did, and we started talking about Ginger."

I crossed my arms over my chest, waiting for her confession.

"So we talked for a while, and when we emptied our beers, he told me he would be back in a minute with another round. He was so sweet, and I thought if I figured out why he and Ginger were fighting I could help out."

I didn't believe her for one second, but I continued listening to her story.

"So, while Bret was gone, Ginger came in with Robbie. You remember him? The hot football guy I dated last year, all muscles with no brains." I nodded my agreement. "Well, they were all over each other. It was way too much PDA, but to each their own, right?

"Anyway, that's when Bret walked in. He laughed at first, said something to Robbie like go get ‘em or whatever. But then Ginger and Robbie pulled apart, and he got a good messy look at who his bud was sucking face with." Alyssa took a deep breath, her expression full of pent-up animation.

"So, instead of beating the shit out of Robbie, he laughed and said..." She paused, adding dramatic flair. "Man, she's not that good in the sack, but she gives great head."

I choked on my spit at that point. How vile was that? "No, he did not. I cannot believe he said that. That's awful."

Alyssa agreed, clicking her tongue.

"So what happened next?" Ginger wasn't the nicest girl in Kappa, and on several occasions she'd taken crap shots at me in front of the others. But still.

"Bret sat back on the couch handing me another beer and Ginger stormed down the hall. I did mention what he said was pretty crude, even if she did deserve it. Bret just shrugged his shoulders and said he had to go."

Okay, I felt really bad. All along I'd thought Alyssa hooking up with Bret had been the reason Ginger was so pissed.

"This is messed up. Have you talked to Ginger yet?"

"Nope. She came back to the house while Brandi, Tisha, and I were watching TV in the living room, but didn't stay long enough to chat. Tisha was really pissed at what Ginger did to her brother. I guess that's why Ginger didn't want to get into an argument with her around."

"Classes just started and already we have drama. I was really hoping this year would be easy." Just one more year to get through after this one.

"Don't get your panties in a wad, Elle. Everything will be fine, like always. And I know what you're thinking. So don't. You aren't getting out of the party this weekend. Got it?"

I rolled my eyes, about to tell her once and for all there was no way in hell I'd be going to the disco with her, when I got a text.

"Hey, it's Tristan." I opened the text, ignoring her hateful comments. Oh, my goodness. He's coming to Lubbock this weekend.

"What's loser boy got you so happy about?" She peeked over my shoulder, then grumbled her dislike of my other best friend coming to visit.

Instead of taking the scholarship here at Tech, Tristan had taken off to UT. Honestly, I was a little more than disappointed, but I understood when he said he needed space away from home. His football ability was off the charts, and UT happily accepted him. His final decision made me happy for him, even if it meant we didn't get to see each other as often as I'd liked.

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