By: Angela McPherson

Another text came across. Have something to tell you. Big news!

"You can bring him along. Now you can't use this as an excuse to get out of the disco." Alyssa placed her hands on her hips, scowling at me.

I slapped on an agreeing smile. "Listen, I've gotta run. My next class is across campus and I'm probably going to be late as it is. I'll see ya after." She waved me off, and I grabbed my bag and rushed out the door.

Chapter 2


At the end of summer when football practice began, my new coach said I'd have to prove myself. Originally I thought I'd be considered starting receiver, but it didn't happen. Bret McLaughlen took lead while I stood in as back-up. I'd never been second choice before. A hard concept to swallow, but I'd managed. Bret proved to be a decent player, but my abilities were better qualified for the position. I had a kick-ass record for fuck’s sake. Time would tell, though hopefully before games started.

The guys on the team were cool, apart from one guy, Robbie. He had a cold look in his eyes that didn't settle well with me. As long as he kept his distance, we'd be all right.

Sprints, up-downs, and field training kicked my ass the first couple weeks. I worked out daily, but getting accustomed to the dry heat again made for some long-ass days. Our practices were hard core, but as the weeks went on I got around fine.

The next thing I knew, summer session ended and fall semester was here. My parents and Kellie were excited, especially my overbearing, dick of a dad. He'd been absent for two years and now suddenly, planted himself up my ass. Living close to home would be a challenge if he decided to keep close tabs on me. However, at the moment I didn't have time to worry about him, I had classes to find.

All day I'd ran late to most of my classes. Figuring out Tech's campus made life hell. I should have paid more attention this summer. I'd walked in circles for about fifteen minutes, ready to give up, when a cute blonde graciously asked if I needed help.

"Yeah, I'm lost," I admitted. The girl supplied me an innocent smile before taking a look at my schedule. I gave her a quick once over. Her jeans hugged her curvy body and the baggy pink T-shirt hung low enough to see cleavage. Nice rack.

"I'm Bridget. We have English together. You're supposed to be in the computers lab right now. It's not too far from here." She handed my schedule back.

"Thanks, can you point out which direction?"

"I'll do better. I'll walk you there."

"My lucky day." I winked, and a deep blush covered her face.

"So, what's your major?" I looked up, trying my damnedest to keep from watching her perky chest bounce when she walked.

"Football." Her eyes lit up in a look I used to enjoy. Had I been single, I would've scored by the end of the day.

"I love the game, but love the players even more." Yep, I knew I could've had her screaming my name. I laughed.

"Unfortunately, I'm unavailable."

Her lips pulled down in a sexy pout. "Here you are. Yours is the first room on your right."

"Thanks for your help. I'll look for you in English."

"Hey, if you find yourself single, I'll be around."

"I'll keep that in mind." I shook my head as I walked into the computers lab. Class had already begun and I hurried to an empty seat next to a cute brunette with legs for miles.

She mouthed the word, "Hi."

I smiled back before listening to the lecture. Times like these I wondered why the hell I willingly chose to be in a relationship.

I sat back in my chair, attempting to take notes, but my mind drifted. I'd texted Elle earlier, asking to meet up with her this weekend. I still hadn't confessed about being here, and I knew if she caught me she'd be pissed. Honestly, not running into her before now had been a miracle. Shit, just thinking about seeing her made my pulse take off. Usually we made sure to see each other during breaks from school, but I hadn't seen her since last Christmas, and only for a few hours before I'd flown back to Austin. To put it mildly, I missed her.

When class finished, I drove back to my townhouse. My dad and uncle were in real estate together, so I didn't have to pay rent. Cool with me. Kellie had moved most of her stuff into her dorm, but she'd asked to stay here until her dad could move her larger furniture this Sunday. I didn't mind, she'd basically lived with me in Austin.

She and a few friends had planned a weekend getaway. I told her I'd made plans with Elle. Kellie never came out and said she didn't like my plans, but I didn't think she was completely on board with the idea either.

When I got home, I tossed my keys on the kitchen counter, ready for a cold beer and some much-needed downtime.

"Baby, could you come in here for a second?" Kellie's voice carried down the hall to my living room.

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