By: L.A. Casey

"You'll what?" Darcy cut me off, his smug smile still in place on his handsome face.

Damn him.

"I'll shove me foot so far up your arse you'll need a surgeon to remove it."

Darcy's eyes widened. "You're a foot shorter than me, and at least fifty pounds lighter. You're a itty bitty thing, Neala Girl. I'm not scared of you. You can't hurt me."


He was so wrong.

"I can hurt you, and I will unless you give me the doll."

Darcy raised an eyebrow and snorted. "How about... no."


I curled my lip into a sadistic grin. "Okay, you asked for it."

Darcy shook his head at me and moved forward so he could brush by me. "I don't have time for- What the hell?"

When Darcy was close enough to do so I manoeuvred my body behind his, hooked my arms around his chest and searched for his nipples with my hands. When I found them, I grabbed them between my index fingers and thumbs and pinched.

"Me nipples, let go of me nipples!" Darcy cried.

I growled and tweaked his nipples a little harder. "Let go of the doll, and I'll let go of your nipples."


There was a sentence I never thought I'd hear myself say.

"Neala!" he yelped.

I heard the doll box hit the floor, and as I was a woman of my word, I let go of Darcy's nipples. I didn't linger around long enough for him to recover. Instead, I moved around his body, grabbed the doll box off the floor and took off running up the aisle.


I squealed and continued to run until I was clear of the aisle. I turned left and almost tripped again but got my footing and stayed upright. I stopped running when I noticed every single person in the shop was staring at me. Granted there were only five or so people in the shop because it was closing soon, but still, they were all looking at me.

I lowered my head and briskly walked over to the only open checkout till. The young girl at the till was wary of me as she took the doll box from me and scanned it through.

"That'll be forty-five Euros and ninety-nine cents when you're ready, please."

For a doll?

"Bloody expensive," I muttered as I pulled my debit card from my pocket.

I placed my debit card in the girl's hand at the same time someone else did the same thing. I froze when I slowly glanced to my left then looked up.

Darcy's furious face was glaring down at me, and I couldn't help but smile and say, "Too late, Darcy, I'm buying it."

I looked to the girl and took out a Visa card from her hand and handed it to a glaring Darcy. I turned my head and nodded to the girl. She scanned my card, printed out a receipt, bagged the doll and handed everything back to me.

"Thanks." I smiled to her and began walking towards the exit.

I could feel him walking behind me, so I picked up my pace.

"Leave me alone, Darcy!" I hissed when I made it out to the car park.

"Not a chance, Satan," he snarled, stilling rubbing his recently abused nipples. "Give me the damn doll."

Oh, that was rich, this eejit was calling me the Devil.


"This doll is my property. I paid for it so feck off."

Darcy hissed. "If you think I'm letting you leave here-"

"Oi, you two."

Darcy and I halted our movements and turned our heads to the right. I was momentarily confused when I spotted two male Garda walking towards us, and neither of them looked happy.

"Are you talking to us?" Darcy asked the officers.

"Do you see anyone else out here?" one of the men snarkily replied.

I glanced around the empty frost covered car park and shivered.

We apparently were the only eejits stupid enough to come outside when it was below zero.

"No," Darcy replied and hung his head.

"We got a call that a female and male fitting your descriptions were causing trouble inside the toy shop."

I widened my eyes and glanced back to the shop.

They called the guards on us?

I looked back to the guards and swallowed. "We had a disagreement, but I don't think we did anything wrong... not really."

Darcy scratched his neck and remained quiet.

Smart lad.

"Look, it's coming up to Christmas, and I don't want to arrest a couple for mildly arguing in a shop so in the future keep it private. Got it?"

I knew we were being let off the hook for our behaviour in the shop, but all I could focus on was that this man thought Darcy and I were a couple. I felt both delighted and disgusted with his observation, and then I felt even more disgusted with my initial happy reaction to his observation. I should only feel disgust when it came to Darcy - I didn't have room for anything else when it came to him.

"Yes, sir," I replied in unison with Darcy.

The guards nodded their heads to us then went on their way back to their car. I didn't move a muscle, and neither did Darcy, until they drove out of the car park and out of sight. As soon as they were gone I took off running toward the bus stop.

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