By: L.A. Casey

C.P. Smith – my savour. Thank you so much for your help with formatting Frozen, you have saved my arse yet again. I appreciate you so much.

Jill – the world’s greatest PA! Thank you for everything you do for me Jill, even though I’m a headache to deal with and can sometimes cause meltdowns, you stick by me and continue to support me. Thank you. I love you!

LJ Anderson from Mayhem Cover Creations aka the world’s greatest graphic designer. Thank you so much LJ for creating yet another book cover that I love so dearly. You’re wicked!

Yessi – my sister from another mister. You’re my best friend, and are always there for me whenever I need to chat. Our strange and random conversations solidified our friendship months ago so you can’t ever back out. I’ll screenshot everything if you do. Muahahaha. Love you!

Mary – my lovely! I don’t even know where to begin with you other than to say I absolutely adore and love you. You’re an amazing friend, and always there for me if I need you. You define awesome!

My street team lasses, thank you all for you on-going support. All the mentions on book groups, teaser Tuesday’s and so on is truly appreciated. You’re all epically amazing!

And last but never least, my readers. Without all of you I wouldn’t be able to call writing, my passion, a job. You have made my dreams comes true and I can’t thank you enough for it. I hope you enjoy Neala and Darcy’s Christmas romance! ☺

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