By: L.A. Casey

She hasn't come at me in years. I think the last time she hit me out of anger was when we were fifteen and I 'accidently' spilled red fabric dye on her while she was wearing white jeans and told everyone she 'just became a woman'.

"Yeah, she twisted so hard I honestly thought they came right off."

Sean slapped his hand off his knee as he continued to laugh. I lowered my hands from my sensitive nipples and glared at him until he stopped, which wasn't for a solid two minutes.

"I'm glad you find this funny because I was robbed of the only chance I'll have to get Dustin that doll because your evil sibling fucked me over. Justin won't let me forget this."

I thought of my older brother by seven years and winced. I told him I'd get that damn doll for Dustin, and now I didn't have it. I was going to look like a shite Uncle on Christmas Day when I had nothing to give Dustin. He asked for this doll, and I stepped up to the plate and said I'd get it even though there was only two weeks until Christmas when he asked me.

Sean shook his head. "Jay will be cool about it."

I snorted and cracked my knuckles. "You're his best friend - I'm his little brother. He's gonna kick me arse for breaking my promise to Dustin and upsetting him."

Sean considered this then laughed when he realised I was right, he knew just as well as I did that Justin would want to throw fists if I didn't get this done. "So go over to Neala's place and get it back."

That was a suicide mission.

I grunted. "I can't because she bought it... She'd probably attack me again and claim I broke into her apartment. I wouldn't put it past her to call the guards on me either."

Sean snickered. "I'd usually defend her and say she wouldn't do that, but she does change when you're around."

I'll say.

"It's because she likes me so much," I said my tone laced with sarcasm.

Sean's mouth curved in a sadistic smirk, and I didn't like it.

Not one bit.

"What are you smirking at me like that for?"

"No reason," he said, mimicking my early voice.


"Well, stop."

Sean continued to smirk then after a moment of thought he snapped his fingers, and jumped up to his feet. "I have an idea, let's go over to Neala's and get that doll back for Dustin."

Was this clown serious?

I raised my eyebrow. "You want me to break into your sister's apartment, and steal the doll she just paid for to give to your daughter on Christmas day?"

Is that what he was saying?

Sean gleefully laughed. "No, and no. We won't break in - we'll be invited in. You also won't be stealing an item belonging to her - you will take back the item that belongs to you. Charli is covered on the present thing, she will be happy on Christmas morning. Trust me."

He was losing it, but I wasn’t about to question him because it meant I could possibly get the doll back from Neala if he helped.

That aside, I don’t know how he thought I owned the doll when I told him Neala paid for the bloody thing.

"Man, I've no idea what you smoked, but I didn't pay for-"

"Neala's debit card is on the coffee table," Sean cut me off smirking.

Was it?

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion then sat forward. I reached out and grabbed the card he was talking about, and thoroughly looked at it. Miss Neala Clarke, the name on the card read.

How did I end up with Neala's debit card?

"I don't understand," I muttered in confusion.

Sean sighed. "It's not that hard to realise what happened, man."

For him maybe.

I grunted, "Enlighten me then, oh wise one."

Sean cracked his knuckles and said, "I'm guessing you and me sister both tried to pay for the doll at the same time, and the person behind the till paid for the doll with your card, and gave it back to Neala then you took her card thinking it was yours. Simple mistake."

I stared at Sean then looked back to Neala's card.

Holy shite.

"I own the doll?"

Sean grinned. "You own the doll."

Oh, hell yes!

I smugly smiled as I let what Sean just said sink in. I owned the Princess doll. I fecking owned it, and all I had to do was get it back from Neala.

My smiled dropped when I thought about that particular task, but after I moment I brushed it aside. I could do this - harder things have been accomplished.

I'd have to be vigilant and guard my nipples, but other than that it'd be fun... right?

"Are you nervous?" Sean asked me as we walked down the hallway of Neala's apartment building.

I swear I could hear my heart beating against my ribcage with every step that took me closer to Neala's apartment door and this fool asked me if I was nervous? Try down right terrified.

"Nah, man," I lied. "This'll be easy."

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