Malice's Possession(6)

By: Jenika Snow

“Yeah, she definitely needs to be seen, but you think it’s good bringing some random woman back to a clubhouse that we aren’t even patched in with? I mean they need a heads-up at the very least.” Ruin stepped up closer and leaned in so he could get a better look at her. “Especially with all the shit going down with the police and the church people.” Ruin turned and looked at Malice. “We know nothing about this chick.”

Malice made a low sound in his throat. “I don’t fucking care. I’m not about to leave her when she clearly needs to be looked at with all these fucking wounds, and because she asked for help.” He shut the door and turned toward them. “I’ll call Marx and let him know the change of plans. Maybe he knows who she is and what might have happened.” He tilted his chin toward Rock. “Can you call Lucien and let him what the fuck is going on? I don’t want him finding out second hand from Marx, or any of the other members of the Fairview charter.”

Rock nodded and reached inside of his cut for his cell. The rain had stopped, but Malice wasn’t going to wait until it stopped completely before he headed to the clubhouse. He called Marx, let the biker know what was happening and that they were on their way toward them, and hung up. Rock was already off the phone and striding back toward him.

“Lucien’s been updated, and he said if we need him or any more members they can head up.”

Malice shook his head. “Let’s get her situated first, find out what exactly is going on, and if we even want to get involved.” Even after Malice said that he knew that there was no way he wasn’t going to get involved.

“Come on.” Without waiting for them to respond Malice was striding toward his bike and then straddling it. Rock moved beside him and got on his bike, and then Ruin climbed in the van and started it. Malice started his engine, and then Rock was doing the same. They headed out of the rest stop and toward town, and all he could think about was that young girl no more than her early twenties staring up at him with her blue eyes. She had seemed sad and lost, and pleaded with only the softness of her eyes that she needed his help. How in the fuck could Malice turn his back on that? He might be one fucked up asshole on the best of days, and had hurt plenty of bad men in his life, but he wasn’t a bastard, especially not to a woman that was hurt and needed him.

They drove though the town, which was still fast asleep, and Malice kept his eyes on the road, but was aware of his surroundings. He didn’t see anyone else walking around, and didn’t pass any vehicles. Whoever had hurt her wasn’t looking for her, at least not right now, or they were doing it on the down low. The passed the small motel that was the center of Fairview and continued to the outskirts of town. Once they took a left and started making their way through the thick forest that surrounded the small Utah community, Malice realized anyone that wanted to give this clubhouse shit would really have to go out of their damn way to do it. But even though he could see the reason why the church going folk might be a little pissed at the fact there was a hardcore MC selling females for a little side action, this was their business. They weren’t hurting anyone, the women were consenting, and everyone got paid. It was the way shit worked, and if they couldn’t handle it they could shove their issues up their ass.

The Fairview charter’s clubhouse gate came into view after about a quarter mile of driving on the long stretch of country road. They pulled to a stop, and once the prospects opened the gate they drove up the driveway that led to the front of the clubhouse. Floodlights were stationed around the perimeter of the property, making every possible point of entry visible. A massive garage had been erected off to the side, and classic rock blasted from the open bay doors. At least twenty guys were outside, either working on bikes, smoking joints, or just bullshitting. But they all seemed to stop what they were doing and watch them approach

Malice pulled his bike to a stop, Rock came up beside up him, and then Ruin cut the van engine. Malice removed his helmet and dismounted, and Rock did the same. Before he could make his way toward the girl in the back of the van he saw Marx striding out of the clubhouse, He had this hard look on his face, and his gaze was trained on the van. Malice strode forward and stopped when he was a couple inches from him.

“Hey, brother.” They did the half-hug thing, clapped each other on the back, and then both turned toward the van. Ruin had already opened it, but before the other man could reach in and get her, which was clear he was about to do, Malice was moving forward. “I got her, Ruin.” He didn’t miss the confused look on the other biker’s face, but right now he didn’t want to even try to explain what in the hell was going on with him and this woman.

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