Malice's Possession(8)

By: Jenika Snow

Her face throbbed, her ribs ached, and her feet stung. After pushing away the blanket that covered her, she glanced down at herself. Her clothing was still a little damp, and she was at least thankful that whoever had taken her to this place had at least kept her clothing on. She had a few bruises on her legs, and a look at her feet showed that the bottoms of them were pretty torn up. She grabbed the edge of her shirt and looked at her side, and a nasty bruise covered her ribs. Adrianna knew her face was probably one ugly sight given how painful it felt. Looking around the room didn’t help her in gauging where she was, but she didn’t feel fear from being at this unusual place. At least that was something to help somewhat ease her already rampant emotions. The room she was in was pretty basic. There was the two person bed she was currently on, a small scarred and old looking desk and chair in the corner, a dresser that also looked like it had seen better days, and a few posters that showed motorcycles and half naked women on them.

She shifted on the bed, and her bare toes touched the cold floor. It would hurt like a bitch to walk, but she couldn’t stay in bed when she didn’t even know where she was. A glance over her shoulder showed a small window and the darkness that still covered the sky. She needed to get to the bank, withdraw what she had, and then get as far from Fairview as she could. But she hurt pretty badly, and every little move she did had her muscles screaming. There were loud, deep voices right outside of the closed door, but they were too muffled for her to tell what was being said. She braced her hands on the mattress and pushed up so she was standing. The pain was excruciating, but she gritted her teeth and pressed through it. Grabbing the thin blanket that had been covering her, she wrapped it around herself and glanced to her left. There was a partially opened door, and she could see the edge of a toilet right inside. Walking caused even more pain to radiate all the way up her legs, but when she was finally in the bathroom she braced her hands on the counter. With the light now on she stared at herself in the mirror and grimaced. One side of her face was slightly swollen, and a nasty purple bruise was already forming. Her lip was busted, and there was some dried blood on her chin. After turning on the faucet and washing off the copper colored smear, she turned and grabbed the small hand towel that hung on the rack.

When she heard the knock at the bedroom door everything in her stilled. She didn’t move for a few seconds, but then leaned to the side slightly so she could see into the bedroom and at the front door. It was pushed open a second later, and she saw a woman come in with a set of clothing, and a bowl on top of that. The woman stopped when she saw the bed empty, and then she glanced around the room.

“Hello?” She moved closer to the bathroom and smiled when she saw Adrianna. The woman had to be in her early thirties, and her clothing suggested she might have been a stripper. “I’m Pam.” She held out the stack of clothes and bowl she held. “I was told to bring this to you.” When Adrianna didn’t answer right away the woman looked at the bed. “I’ll just set these things here. I know the doctor was going to come in and check you out once you were awake.”

Adrianna swallowed and moved out of the bathroom, but couldn’t help but wince with every step she took. The woman didn’t cause any red flag to rise inside of Adrianna.

“You need to sit down and have Doc Harley check on your feet.” The woman glanced at her face very intently. “And other parts of you.” She gestured toward the bed once more. “It’s okay. You’re safe here.”

Before Adrianna could say anything the woman was walking back toward the door. Adrianna wasn’t going to sit and wait, and instead followed after her as quickly as she could. The woman had left the door ajar, and when Adrianna pulled it open the rest of the way and leaned out so she could see outside she saw a long hallway that opened up into some kind of great room. She couldn’t see anyone, but the voices were even louder now that there weren’t any walls closing the noise off. She tightened the blanket around her and moved down the hallway Adrenaline pumped through her veins and dulled some of the pain in her body. Adrianna knew she should be afraid, but she reasoned that surely if they meant to harm her they could have done it already. Besides, she had nowhere else to go, and had no one else to help her. She needed to trust someone, right? She heard the woman start to speak to someone just around the corner, and all other noise seemed to cease. No one spoke once the woman was finished talking, but then there was the sound of several chairs scraping across the floor. Adrianna stopped, her heart now in her throat, and her hands feeling as though she was going to rip through the blanket for how tightly she held it.

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