Man Of Steel(4)

By: Jordan Silver

With all the manpower we now have and the differing levels of professionals, from lawyers to doctors and even CEOs and shit, our little enterprise had become something I don’t think any of us had expected. That was one of the reasons the guys had approached me, they were growing faster than expected and were in way over their heads. Plus not the one of them had any people skills and though I was a little rough around the edges or so I’ve been told, I still had a little more decorum than my boys.

I was able to talk people of the higher echelons of society into supporting our cause. Men and women that I’d had reason to cross paths with in my former profession in one-way or the other. Most of them were only too happy to help out, for some people writing a check was just as fulfilling as being hands on.

It wasn’t just the relocation thing we had going either, there were the ride-alongs, the security detail, the rebuilding project. A whole fuck load of things that society needed that you never heard about on the six o’clock news. My favorite and most rewarding though, was protecting the little kids.

That’s how I met my Lily. I’d run a kid whose dad had used her as an ashtray and a football into the hospital where she worked. She’d taken one look at me in my leathers and then looked at the kid and steam came out of her ears and nose. She was a good foot or more shorter, but that hadn’t stopped her from lighting into me and crowding me until she got me out of the room and away from her patient.

“I’m calling the cops you overgrown jerk.” I just looked down at her in shock until I caught on to what was going on in her head. Folding my arms I stared down at the little ball of fire as she spat fury at me and threatened me with mayhem. When she started poking me in the chest, that’s when the fun really begun.

I was hit in the gut by the strangest sensation, something I had no name for because I’d never experienced it before. I looked down past her finger to the rise in my dick. Her eyes followed mine and snapped back up in a hurry, like she’d seen something forbidden. “Seriously?” Now she was really flustered, her face pinked up and she swallowed hard before stepping back. And right then I wished I knew what she was thinking.

“Seems like we’ve got us a situation here doc, so why don’t we do this? Why don’t you take care of my charge here and then you can give me your number and we’ll go from there? Say tonight at about seven.”

“Humph, you sure do have a high opinion of yourself don’t you? Who says I’m interested? and besides maybe I already have a date.”

“Doesn’t matter to me one way or the other, break it.” She had nothing to say to that bold statement, but I noticed she hadn’t shot me down either. That wouldn’t have mattered either if she had, a man like me who’d been around the block a couple times before and after marriage, I knew what it meant when my body reacted this way to a woman. It meant for one thing, the sex was going to be fuck hot. In the back of my mind I started wondering how long she was going to make me do the dance before she’d let me take her.

“I’m not sure that I like you very much hotshot, now stay out of my way and let me do my job.” I held my hands up in surrender and grinned. The good doctor might not be sure if she liked me but her body was sending off signals like a beacon at a lighthouse. She sniffed at me and glared, then she’d turned to little Amy and as fired up as she’d been with me, she was now just as gentle with the little girl.

She spoke to the little girl as if they were old her friends and I was pleasantly surprised by the way she had her at ease in no time.

When little Amy had held out her arms for me and refused to let go I guess Lily had finally accepted the fact that maybe I wasn’t the culprit who’d messed the kid over; though she’d still tried to keep her body between us.

“This wasn’t my doing little one and shame on you for jumping to conclusions.” She’d pinked up at my slight admonishment and bent her head to the job of mending Amy’s broken arm.

I’d put my first rush of interest aside then for the sake of the child. My mind once again turned to the horror that she’d just endured at the hands of someone who was supposed to care for and cherish her. I held onto her while the obviously competent doc had taken care of all her other scrapes and bruises, which also included a split lip and some minor bruises that covered the better part of her little body.

The dad was in much worse shape now though thanks to me, one of the perks of no longer being a cop. I get to kick the shit out of any asshole the law seeks to protect while they trample all over other people’s rights. I no longer had to toe the line for fear of reprisals. The assholes I tangled with these days because of the shit they were into, had no other recourse after I, or one of my guys had laid their ass out, which was becoming a regular occurrence.

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