Man Of Steel(5)

By: Jordan Silver

It’s shameful to admit but it’s true, I get a shitload of pleasure out of putting my foot up some asshole’s ass, and when I wasn’t there to do it one of my guys picked up the slack. I’d seen enough shit on and off of the force to last me a lifetime, and the one thing I knew was that bullies never stood up to anyone bigger or stronger than them. With the manpower we had, we were bigger and meaner than a whole lot of people out there. The difference is that we choose to use our strength to protect those who are weaker.

Chapter 4

Now with her assurance that she was going to be okay, and one last kiss and feel I headed out the door. I know my visage had changed before I even hopped on my bike. Gone was the easy go lucky husband to be and in his place was a man of steel. This is how it is in my life these days; I’ve got too much to protect, too much to lose to let myself be anything but hard. The world has shown itself to be a danger to the innocent, a fucking death trap to the sweet and unassuming. I may not be able to save them all, but I’m gonna do all I can for the ones I can save.

I hadn’t just gained the reputation as a hard ass, though I didn’t necessarily see myself that way. I’ve always been told that I was one mean son of a bitch. That had served me well in the interrogation room, now it serves its purpose in other venues. My ex wife can bear testament to that shit too I guess, or so she likes to claim. I know Lily steers clear of that shit, because from day one, day one being the first time I took her out to dinner, I’d lain down the law.

After we’d met in the hospital I’d shown up at her job the next day and hadn’t taken no for an answer. I wouldn’t say I’d worn her down as much as I’d taken her over. Our first date was at my first bar, thinking back now, that hadn’t been the best idea. I knew my guys liked hanging out in my place and I also knew they were a nosy bunch of fucks who never quit.

After the ribbing and the catcalls along with some almost tame suggestions I’d sequestered her in a back booth out of sight. I had made up my mind already where I wanted this thing to go so I just laid it all out for her then and there.

“You want something to drink?”

“I’m on call tomorrow so maybe just one glass of white.” If I didn’t know she was a doctor I might’ve asked her little ass for some ID, she was that small. The server came over and took our drink orders while I checked out the doc. She was put together really well out from under that smock she’d been wearing the night before.

Her tits were ripe and full under the stretchy top she wore. Her neat waist tapered off to slightly rounded hips, not too wide but not nonexistent either, in soft jeans that molded her ass just right. No wonder my guys had lost their damn minds. I’ll have to talk to them about that shit later. I couldn’t go too hard though because they weren’t accustomed to seeing me with a chick. Then again that should tell them something, that maybe she was special if I was bringing her to my place.

“How old did you say you were again?”

“I didn’t say.” She was cheeky as fuck that’s for sure. She played with the stem of her glass as she teased me from across the table. “You do know it’s rude to ask a woman her age right?”

“Well since I plan for the two of us to be together for a long time I think I have the right to know.”

“Are you always this forward with people you’ve only just met?”

“Is there any other way to be? Look I’m pretty sure by now you have a pretty good idea who I am and what I’m about. I don’t have time to fuck around and I especially don’t have time to dick around with my personal life. I saw you, I want you, I’m keeping you and before you ask, no you don’t have any say in the matter.”

That had pretty much been the gist of our coming together. After that night it had taken me another month give or take to move her into my place and we hadn’t even fucked yet. I have a kid to protect for the rest of her life, so for me, any woman I bring into my home has to fit a certain criteria. She has to be at least better than my ex in the mothering stakes for one thing. I wasn’t about to take any chances with my lil bit, no way no how. I’ve fucked plenty, because let’s face it, every red blooded male needs that outlet, but from the get, I knew she was going to be different.

It wasn’t easy jumping back on that horse, I mean it hadn’t been that long since the divorce and I hadn’t exactly been looking for anything long term. Some of my guys’ bad habits had been rubbing off on me and easy pussy was high on the menu.

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