Man Of Steel(6)

By: Jordan Silver

For some reason women were attracted to the whole biker deal and they expected us to live up to our reputations. For that reason, before Lily and after Deanna my sex life had changed drastically. I have to say my life with Deanna had been pretty vanilla, not that I’m complaining, it was good for what it was. But now I had more threesomes than a man knew what to do with.

Not gonna lie, I was into that shit; why? Because my emotions were never involved, so it didn’t matter to me if I nailed one or three at a time. Plus the shit I was dealing with left me wound the fuck up and sex is the best decompression I know of, and it seemed there was always a steady stream of pussy coming in and out of the clubhouse.

Now with Lily on my dick, I had to put all that shit aside. I wasn’t the type to run around on my old lady, not if she was the one. I expected loyalty and fidelity from her and I wasn’t willing to give any less. She kinda had a hard time with my past, with the women I’d fucked and the fact that some of them were still hanging around.

The hangers on knew the deal, I couldn’t exactly get rid of them; they were part of the scene after all. But they knew to respect my woman and my space. It only took one time for me telling them to back the fuck off and it was done. I guess Lily felt a little sore in the beginning because I’d refused to fuck her until after I’d done what I needed to do to make sure she was a safe bet.

I didn’t try explaining myself to her and maybe that added to her displeasure, but the reality was I wanted in her in the worst way, but I also wanted something more. If she’d turned out to be unsuitable I would’ve taken her to the clubhouse and done her there for however long it would’ve taken for me to get her out of my system.

But feeling the way I did about her I didn’t want to disrespect her in that way. That’s why the long wait before I brought her under me. And boy was it worth the wait, she might be a little bit of a thing but when it came to fucking she held her own. Fucking with me she needed to.

These days lovemaking for me is what other people call foreplay. That shit’s cool for the first half an hour or so, but I like to fuck; hair pulling, nipple clamping, balls deep sex. Any female messing with me had better be down with that shit or she’s in for a world of hurt. Lily had stood the test.

Chapter 5

It was on her first night in my house that I’d taken her. By then the build-up was enough to blow the roof off and we were both ready to climb the walls. All I’d done so far was eat her pussy on a regular basis and taught her how to suck me off the way I liked, but that was more to introduce her to my size than anything else. Now that I had her where I wanted her it was time to get down to some serious business.

We’d both done the testing thing, because like I said, I wasn’t about to risk my daughter’s future and not having me around was a sure fired way to fuck that shit up. She was on the pill which was good, because I was tired of rubber, but there was no way in hell I was ever gonna dip my cock in one of the hangers on without one. Now that I had a steady in my life I could go back to riding bareback.

That night she’d been shy, nothing at all like the mouthy broad I’d come to know in the last few weeks. I set about trying to put her at ease right off the bat. “Why so jumpy?” I’d put her bags away in my closet for now and led her back out to the living room. I didn’t want to just jump her as soon as she walked through the door though my dick was about ready to revolt. He wasn’t accustomed to going without for so long, not since I got my first taste of pussy at fourteen anyway.

“How about a glass of wine? You said you were off tomorrow right.” She nodded her head and followed me with her eyes as I walked over to the mini bar to get her a glass of wine and me a beer. Sitting next to her I laid my arm along the back of the couch and relaxed watching her out of the corner of my eye.

Maybe it was the newness of the situation that was making her so jumpy. Before tonight there had been no pressure, she knew I wasn’t going to try to fuck because I hadn’t made any moves, but now being here in my home and obviously about to share my bed, she knew the jig was up.

“Babe you’ve seen my dick before, in fact you’ve had it in your mouth so you know it’s no different from any other. Maybe it’s a little longer than most but it’s not a mutation or some shit so chill.” I was trying to ease the situation but my little spiel only seemed to make matters worst, because she looked down at the bulge in my jeans and I swear she started to hyperventilate.

Before she could freak the fuck out I took the glass away from her and pulled her into my lap facing me. “Hey, it’s okay. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” Like fuck, but I had to put the girl at ease or at least try. As small as she was there was no doubt that the pussy was going to be tight to begin with. Having her all tense might give my dick more trouble than was necessary so the best course of action was to get her to relax a little.

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