Man Of Steel(8)

By: Jordan Silver

I had to change up then and there in the middle of my strokes. There was no way I could feed her all of me this first time without doing some kind of damage. No wonder she was scared, she’d had my length in her mouth and hands, she had to know with her small stature that there might be a problem getting all of me in there.

I used my hand to hold the last three and a half inches outside of her. She had a hard time taking eight inches but she held on while I sweated it out over her, trying my best not to pound into her the way I wanted to. I had to keep her body primed and since I fucking hate artificial lubrication I had to use my hands and mouth.

Every time she ran into trouble and her body seized up, I pulled out and tongue fucked her until she was nice and wet again. I used my fingers to widen her and kept her in a high state of arousal before easing my cock back into her. We were finally able to get into a groove when I was sure I wasn’t hurting her and her sighs and moans told me she was enjoying herself.

It wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world fucking with my hand between us and I decided then and there to get a cock ring. That ought to do the job until I had coached her body to take all of me.

I took her three times that night and could’ve gone for more, but I knew I would do more damage than good if I kept after her.

That night was the beginning of our life together. It was sometimes good, sometimes trying but it was us.

We came from two different worlds, she was a classy Vanderbilt grad with a family of wealth behind her, I was an ex cop turned MC leader. Let’s just say her folks were not amused. There was talk of disowning her in the beginning, which I couldn’t really do anything about. Their money was theirs to do whatever the fuck they wanted.

What I did do was call a meet with her father and the one brother who was being a hard ass. I had one thing and one thing only to say to them that day and that was that if anything they did brought her pain I would seriously fuck their shit up. Needless to say the threats had stopped after that, and though there hadn’t been a rush to acceptance, things had evened out eventually.

I guess when you tell a woman’s family that she wasn’t going anywhere so they’d better figure out how the fuck they were going to deal with the loss of their family member it kinda put things in perspective for them. Our relationship has been going gangbusters ever since then.

She played a big part in what I did with the crew these days, which makes life easier. With the hours I sometimes keep it would’ve been hard if she weren’t onboard, something else I had no experience with. I’d learned my lesson from my first go round and fair or not Lily bore the brunt of that shit. There were just some things that I wasn’t willing to put up with in our relationship and she had to figure out how the fuck to deal with my demands.

So far she’d been keeping up so I guess it was all good. Though sometimes she gave me shit for putting another female’s shit on her shoulders. She knew that I took a hard line when it came to her because of the shit my ex had pulled and that I was not willing to walk that path again. Not that I expected her ass to cheat, but I was of the mindset that prevention was better than cure.

I’d let her know what was and wasn’t acceptable behavior, she had a list because I was looking for any missteps. It might’ve seemed like overkill but like I’d warned her when I gave her that list. It beat me strangling the fuck out of her at some point in the future if she fucked up. Not for nothing but being cheated on left a bad fucking taste in my mouth. Not that I thought the lack was in me, I knew it was all on my ex, she chose to spread for someone else. Still as a man it fucked with m head for a minute. Had I cared one fuck about her at that point I probably would’ve done more than just walked away.

With Lily I know shit would be different. When I first told her I’d kill her ass and bury her in a field somewhere if she fucked me over she laughed it off. When I didn’t join in she’d caught on real quick. “You wouldn’t really do that right? You can’t be serious.”

“Babe, I told you a little bit about my past with my ex, what makes you think that I’d put myself through that shit a second time? You have no reason to fear unless you plan on fucking around on me at which point you’ve already been warned of the consequences.”

That had been one of many conversations that I was sure made her want to run for the hills but she stayed and eventually she got used to me, and my ways. She knew she was safe with me, that I would protect her with my last breath. But she also knew that there would be dire consequences if she fucked up.

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