No Boundaries:A Bad Boy Sports Romance(7)

By: Violet Paige

I nodded quietly. “Yes.”

I followed her down the hallway. “I’m serious. He’s slept with every girl in this place,” she smacked over her shoulder. “And he’s hot as shit, but if you expect a phone call or a steak dinner, you’ve got the wrong guy. Understand?”

I was too embarrassed or mortified to respond.

“Tables aren’t going to serve themselves.” She pointed to my section. How long had I been in the storage room? Every table was packed. But the only one I had eyes on was occupied by a tall, broad football player who had a sexy brunette on his lap.



Kennedy greeted me with a deep kiss. “Kane, baby. Wanna get out of here?”

My hesitation surprised even me. Pops was gone and Joe was sitting at the bar. Some of the other Sharks had joined him.

“Maybe later, babe.”

Her face filled with disappointment. I knew it was probably ridiculous. What was the difference between one pussy and another? But I'd had Kennedy. I knew what she had to offer. Yeah, she fucked like a wildcat, but I’d done that. Something happened in that storeroom just now. Something I hadn’t had time to process. Thinking about the way Julie’s pussy hugged my fingers made my cock hard.

The way she sounded. The way her innocent eyes lit with fire when I touched her. She was already addictive and I’d only known the girl an hour.

Kennedy pouted. “Babe, I just got into town. Don't be like that. Have I failed you yet?”

She gave me one of her seductive smiles, adjusting her breasts. One thing was for sure—she had great breasts. Breasts perfect for titty fucking. The image of her as I thrust my cock between her tits and blast cum all over her face made my blood rush again.

Two for one, I thought to myself.

I wondered if she and Julie would be willing to have a threesome, but the thought was fleeting. I wanted Julie all to myself with no distractions. Kennedy liked to be the center of attention.

That was how it had always been with her. I’d known Kennedy since college. She was one of the exceptions to my rule. But she was also the only woman who seemed ok with fucking without attachment. She was a rare find.

But I wasn’t up for her tonight. I had a taste of something new. I had a new thirst. Only a sip of a new honey and I wanted complete satisfaction. Until I fucked Julie, I wasn’t going to be happy.

And maybe it was more than that. But like fuck if I was going to talk to Kennedy about that shit. She might be my fuck buddy, but she was still a woman. A woman with long claws she liked to sink into me when she got the chance.

“What is wrong with you? You’re acting weird. You’re never like this after a game,” she huffed.

I didn’t need her psychoanalysis of my emotional state. I knew exactly what I needed. I looked around for Julie. I hadn’t seen her since I walked out of the storeroom, but I had Kennedy to thank for that.

I felt the familiar squeeze on my thigh, inching toward my cock. It was still hard and throbbing.

“Well hello, baby,” she sighed.

I pushed her off my leg. “Knock it off, Kennedy.”

“You’re playing hard to get tonight? I can role play if you want.” Her fingers walked over my bicep as if they were a pair of legs.

“I assure you I’m not.”

“You’re as hard as a rock. Let’s get out of here and fuck.”

I’d had enough. Before I could snap at her, I saw the flash of blond hair from the corner of my eye. I turned and heard Julie’s voice in an unnatural octave.

There was a big burly biker hot on her heels.

“Look, I told you, Steve. I'm not interested.”

“Aww … Come on, babe," he said, grabbing her ass.

She cried out, swatting at his hulking hand. His other hand latched onto her waist.

I lost it. It sent me over the edge. Her pleas. His relentless stupidity. I jumped from the table, knocking the stool over in the process.

Within a second, I was face to face with the bastard.

“Steve, is it? Why don't you leave her the fuck alone?” My eyes raged with anger.

“Why don't you mind your own damn business? This is between me and the bitch.”

“It’s fine, Hawk, I’ve got it,” Julie eked out as Mike reached around and grabbed her ass again.

Fury filled me. I’d be damned if I was going to stand here and let him continue to touch her after she had already told him to stop. I lost all composure. I seized him and turned him to face me. I reared back to punch him. Before I could, Joe gripped my arm, holding me back just as the biker’s fist sailed toward my face. The impact pushed Joe and me backward.

I saw red. There was only one way this would end.

Everything around me faded as the fuel of injustice powered through me. All I could focus on was Steve and his filthy hands all over Julie. Her telling him over and over to stop. I hit him once that I knew of and then probably again, but I couldn’t remember.

“Dude. Stop. The cops have been called,” Joe pleaded.

At that moment, the blackness swallowed me whole.



My stomach rumbled for the tenth time in the last five minutes. This time loud enough to be heard across the room. I had forgotten breakfast as I rushed out the door this morning. And I hadn’t thought about bringing lunch. Again.

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