Raging Hard(4)

By: B. B. Hamel

And that excited me. I felt my pulse race and the heat between my legs suddenly ignite as he grabbed my hand.

“Come on, babe. I know you can dance.”

I took a deep sip of my drink and then put it back on the bar. “Okay. Yeah, I can dance.”

He pulled me along behind him, out toward the dance floor. He wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me up close to him as he melted into the crowd. The song was upbeat and fast, and everyone around us was sweating and grinding, a rhythmic mass of pulsing, oozing sex.

I usually avoided the dance floor at places like this. But as soon as he pressed his incredible body against mine and began to roll his hips, it was like instinct took over me. I moved along with him, our bodies grinding up against each other. His hand was on the small of my back, and I wrapped my arms around his thick shoulders, our faces inches apart, his eyes locked on mine, his face serious and intense.

We moved like that together and the world around us suddenly disappeared. Every worry and anxiety I had built up in my chest suddenly evaporated under the powerful and serious touch of my mysterious man. I’d never done something like this before, let alone felt so light and free. I didn’t care who was watching or what they thought; all I cared about was my body pressing up against his. He pressed his leg between my thighs and I began to rock my hips, grinding myself into his muscular body, pulled even closer by his strong arms.

It felt incredible, all endorphins and excitement and pleasure, as he worked to the music. I felt something hard between his legs press against my body, and I didn’t mind it. In the past I would have freaked out that a random guy was shoving his clearly-huge cock against me, but it only made my heart beat faster as we kept dancing. It made me feel sexy and excited all at once. I could tell I was losing myself and I loved it.

Soon, he spun me around, pulling my ass against his crotch, his hard cock shoved up against me. I worked my hips and shook my ass, dancing along with him. He kept the lead, keeping us to the beat, as his hands held my hips. I felt his breath on my neck and it was driving me wild. I couldn’t help but imagine what he was thinking, and what the people around us were thinking, and I loved it.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Normally I’d be too worried that someone would see me, maybe one of dad’s business associates. If he found out, he’d probably end up yelling at me for hours about how I embarrassed him and all that crap. I was such a good girl usually and always avoided embarrassing Dad, but tonight I didn’t care. None of that mattered to me at all; it was almost like it all existed in a dream.

The only thing I wanted was this incredibly handsome man. There was nothing else in the world but me and him and dancing, and the pleasure and excitement lancing through my body.

Suddenly, his strong hand slowly moved up my body, touching my breasts, and stopped at my chin. I stared into his eyes, my heart hammering in my chest, and suddenly I knew that I wanted it. I wanted him and I didn’t care if I wasn’t even sure what his name was. I didn’t care because for the first time in my life I felt excited and inspired. He tipped my chin back slightly, and our lips were suddenly pressed together. His soft, warm mouth kissed mine, and his tongue slipped between my teeth.

I completely lost myself right then and there. My panties were on fire, a soaking inferno of need and want. I’d never felt like this for a man before, let alone some total stranger. I didn’t even know his name. I’d never kissed someone without learning their name first, and yet there I was making out with him publically on the dance floor.

He suddenly moved away and began walking off toward the back of the club, tugging me along behind him. I followed, and I knew that I couldn’t do anything but follow. I wanted him and needed to see where things were going. It was a pure animal desire flooding me.

He walked past the VIP and I glanced up but didn’t see Lydie anywhere. We walked toward the back of the club where the bathrooms were. He parted through the crowd like they simply knew that he had to pass. Nobody bothered us, let alone stepped in our way. He ignored the lines and went through toward an unmarked door. He pushed it open and led us into a series of back rooms, obviously halls for the staff. Finally, there was a door with an “Exit” sign. He pushed through that and we were out in the cool beach air in the alley behind the club.

We were totally alone. I knew it was absolutely crazy to follow this guy out here. He could easily murder me or something like that, but I wasn’t afraid of him. Frankly, that worry only heightened my desire and excitement for him. Plus, something was telling me that he wasn’t dangerous.

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