Raging Hard(6)

By: B. B. Hamel

The voice was coming from the far stall. She sounded awful, but I expected that. I walked over and stood outside the door while Nate leaned up against the wall, his arms crossed.

“It’s me. Are you okay?”

“I just puked up like a thousand dollars in drinks, but otherwise okay.”

“Can you get up?”

“I can dance but I can’t walk.”

Nate grinned at me and I smiled back. “Lydie, come on. I’ll get you a cab.”

“No. No way. I’m dancing!”

And then she puked again, a fresh heave. I cringed as I heard it hit the water.

“Okay, maybe not,” she mumbled, spitting.

“Come on, Lydie. Open up.”

The stall door unlocked and pushed open. Inside, Lydie was hugging the toilet bowl, looking miserable.

Part of me felt like she totally deserved it for her nasty comment earlier. But I knew Lydie was actually a great person at heart, even if she sometimes put her foot in her mouth.

“Come on, let’s get you up,” I said, trying to help her stand.

“No. No, thanks. I’m sleeping here.” She was dead weight as I struggled with her.

“Lydie, seriously. This isn’t funny. Let’s get you home.”

Suddenly Nate was there, moving me aside.

“Okay, girl, time to go,” he said, grabbing her by the arms and hoisting her up.

“Fuck!” she said as Nate placed her on her feet. “Who the hell is this dreamboat?”

“Lydie, this is Nate.”

“Well, Nate, you better carry me fast or I’m puking on your shirt.”

Without another word, he scooped her up into his arms and moved quickly back out the way we’d come. He carried her out the back door and into the alley and then up around toward the front. I had to hustle to keep up, my high heels annoying as hell as I struggled to stay close to them.

Finally, we were out front with all the cabs. Nate placed Lydie down on the curb and she slumped over, giggling like an idiot.

“I am so, so sorry,” I said to him.

He stood close, grinning. “Not often I get to save a damsel in distress.”

“You’re a wonderful knight.”

“All in a day’s work.” He pulled me up against him. “Now, how about sucking me dry?”

I smiled. “How can you still be thinking about that after hearing my friend puke?”

“Heard a lot worse in my time, trust me. And something about you drives me fucking crazy.”

I realized I felt the exact same way, despite how insane it seemed. I had just heard Lydie puke and saw it all in the toilet, and yet I still wanted to feel Nate’s hard cock in my mouth.

“Let’s go, bitch!” I heard suddenly.

I looked up and saw Lydie climbing into a cab.

“Shit!” I said, following after her. “Lydie, come on!”

“Get in, bitch. It’s taxi time to pukeville.”

The cab driver looked at me. “You better take care of your friend or I’m kicking her out.”

“Okay, okay, sir. Just one second.”

I turned back to Nate. “I just keep apologizing, but I really am sorry. This is so annoying.”

Lydie literally started grabbing me and pulled me into the back of the cab. Nate crossed his arms and laughed loudly at us, still grinning that cocky smile.

“It’s okay. Save your friend.” He closed the door and mouthed the words “see you later.”

The cab started pulling away. I watched him disappear as we made a left turn, heading back toward my dad’s house.

“I liked him,” Lydie said after a second. “He was a good donkey.”

“A donkey?”

“Yeah. I rode him. Like a donkey.”

“Okay, Lydie. How drunk are you?”

“I’m drunk as fuck, bitch. What more do you want? It’s spring break!”

“No, it isn’t. It’s summer break.”

I laughed to myself and watched as the beach flew by the window, the cab driving into the wealthiest part of the Outer Banks.

I’d never done anything remotely like that in my whole life. I couldn’t believe how badly I wanted to taste his salty pre-cum, how badly I wanted to feel his hands on the back of my head as I made him come into my throat. He was incredible, getting me off with just his hands. Maybe he was the exact type of guy I needed to lose my V-card to.

He was definitely totally unlike the pretentious, preppy assholes my dad loved to parade around me whenever he got the chance. Nate was gruff and dirty and confident like nothing I’d ever seen.

And I wanted him more than anything I’d ever known. I was annoyed at Lydie for pulling me away.

Suddenly, as the cab pulled into the driveway, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Shit!” I said after we paid the cab driver and began to struggle up to the front door.

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