The Bachelor Auction (The Bachelors of Arizona Book 1)(8)

By: Rachel van Dyken

With a jerk, she pulled her hand back and nervously reached to tuck a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

“So, Brock.” Jane looked down at his shoes. That was safe. Shoes. Nothing sexy about a man’s feet, right? Except his were inside shoes that she ventured probably cost more than she’d ever see in a lifetime. “About those shoes.”

“Shoes.” He repeated the word and then quickly stood. “Right, just wait here.”

“But, you don’t even know my size!”

His eyes heated as he eyed her up and down. “Would it be too cheesy if I said perfect?”

“Perfect?” she repeated like an idiot. “I don’t think I understand.”

“The perfect size.” His half-lidded gaze was causing her stomach to do flip-flops while she tried to keep a calm demeanor.

With a smile he knelt down and touched her foot.

Touched it.

And then gazed up at her and said, “Eight? Am I close?”

“Eight.” She nearly stuttered. “Eight and a half.”

With a nod, he stood and disappeared, giving her the breathing room she absolutely needed, only to re-appear a few seconds later.

Without shoes.

She frowned; then again, what had she expected? That he’d bang some plastic Barbie over the head with his cell phone, steal her shoes, and then toss them to Jane?

Brock studied her. “Your shoes should be here within the next fifteen minutes. I just sent my degenerate brother across the street. Saks is still open. The night is young.”


Shoes from Saks?

She’d never owned anything from Saks. Ever. But she knew the store; didn’t every woman? Still, the most expensive thing she’d ever owned had been the pearls.

“That’s really…” She waved her hand in the air and stood. “Not necessary…you can tell him that—”

Brock reached for her hand and lightly tugged her back. “Sit. It is necessary. And although I typically wait until the third date to buy a woman gifts, I think your nearly getting trampled allows me to break that rule.”

Still tense, Jane nodded and took a shaky look around the small, private room.

“To new shoes?” Brock grabbed his drink and lifted it in the air toward her.

She lifted her glass and clinked it against his then took a small sip. The champagne was pink and sweet, with a tart aftertaste. “It’s good.”

“You sound surprised.” Brock’s lips lifted in a smile.

She scrunched up her nose. “I’m not much of a drinker, and I typically don’t like drinks that are the same color as my underwear.”

The minute the words were out of her mouth, she froze, barely managing to suppress the urge to clap a hand over her mouth. She wanted someone to run her over with a car.

With a choke, Brock nearly spit out the sip he’d just taken. Face flushed, he stared her down and then whispered, “You’re making me regret my decision to send out for boring black shoes.”

“I didn’t…I mean, pink is fine.” Stop talking, stop talking. “Not all of my underwear is pink. I have black, too.”

Brock’s lips parted with a greedy exhale, and he downed the rest of his drink. “Oh?”

Hell in a handbasket.

Why was she giving him a rundown of her lingerie drawer? As if he were a naughty Santa with a checklist in front of him, putting down little marks on the little boxes that read “red lacy thong”? Check. “Black boyshorts”? Double check.

“I’m more of a boxer brief sort of guy,” he said smoothly, bringing her back to the present.


“Too far?” He chuckled. “I figured if I knew the color of yours…I should at least show you mine.” He leaned forward.

Had he said show?

Just how drunk was he? Maybe that was the reason his eyes were zeroing in on her mouth. He blinked, and then seemed to sway a bit.

Was he okay? And why was he still staring at her mouth? Did she have something on her face?

Self-consciously, she pressed her fingertips to her lips only to have him suck in a breath and lift his right hand from his thigh as if wanting to touch the place where her fingers had just been.

“Got the shoes!” a male voice yelled as Jane jerked away from Brock.

What had just happened? And how had enough time passed for someone to find and buy her shoes? “Holy shit, you’re hot.”

She recognized the man from before. He was about an inch shorter than Brock, but had the same perfect auburn hair. “I’m Bentley, and since this one’s about to get married, I feel like it’s only fair to let you know that out of the two of us, I’m the single, available one, who’s also—lucky for you—been given a higher rating in the sack.”

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