The Daughter In Law(7)

By: Jordan Silver

The phone rang off the hook again the next day and again I ignored it. Mom and dad showed up that evening and I was the picture of surprised. We'd agreed on that one. Damien was excited to see my parents; he always is because they treat him like he's more than navel lint. He and dad started gabbing about some sports team or the other while mom and I snuck off to the kitchen.

"So tell me, how's it been going?"

"I haven't heard her irritating screech in two days, I let the phone go to voicemail. She's taken to blowing up my cell but I don't answer that either. She can't reach Damien on base because he doesn't use his phone except in extreme emergencies so she's assed out."

"That's a good start baby. Total cutoff, I like it. Had to do that shit to your grandma in the beginning 'til she came to her damn senses, what a bitch."


"What you think you're the first one to have this problem? Old wrinkle tits had her drawers in a bunch until I put her ass in her place. Almost left your father then too."

"I can't believe it, you and grandma?"

"Girl just about every female goes through that shit when they marry one of these golden sons."

"Well at least you and grandma get along now but I don't think I can forget all the shit she's done to me. I want nothing to do with her AT ALL."

"That's a hard road to take baby, you sure?"

"Hell yeah."

"Okay then."

We plotted and schemed for the next two hours until it was time for them to go.

"Mom says she couldn't get on your Facebook today."

"Facebook's for friends she's no friend of mine. Put her on yours she's your mother." That bitch only friended me on Facebook to spy anyway; I blocked her ass today. I didn't say any more about it and I could tell he was not pleased but wasn't shit he could do. Little did he know that I planned to cut that bitch out of my life completely, toxic festering pustule.

"Hey why don't we take the family out to dinner since your parents are here?" I just shrugged my shoulders. Perfect, and for lands sake please pay attention this time. There was no better way for him to see the difference in the way my parents treated him compared to how I was treated. "I'll make reservations at that place your mom liked the last time she was here." I hid a secret smile, I knew for a fact Sasquatch hated that place. Too classy for her rancid ass.

I spent the next two days going all over the city with mom and dad. We met Damien for lunch the first day. Haggie only called like three times. My phone was off; I had all the people I cared to talk to right there at the table with me. Let him deal with her annoying ass. “Mom they’re bringing the meal to the table I have to go. Yes I know, maybe next time.” He hung up and turned back to the table. “Sorry about that.” Oh he was so embarrassed. My snarky twin wanted to ask if he wanted mommy to come and cut up his food for him but I bit my tongue and carried on my conversation like I hadn’t been interrupted.

“Was my mother that annoying?” Oh shit dad.

“Worse, but it’s all good now pooh-bear.” Mom tapped his hand on the table and I was afraid to look at Damien. Now something you need to know about my dad, he stays out of shit. He’s one of those people that never gets in the middle, so for him to even comment, shit has to be really bad.

Poor Damien looked a little embarrassed but it was his own stupid fault. He didn’t want to hear it from me, let others see what a dysfunctional nut job his dear old mama was.

That night I had to be hear about how hurt she was that she hadn’t been invited to lunch.

“Well you know honey your family lives minutes away, I only get to see mine a couple times a year. I just wanted to have my three favorite people all to myself for one day. Besides we’re having dinner tomorrow night did you forget?” Butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth.

“Yeah you’re right.”

Uh huh.

“What’s that you’re wearing is that new?”

I stretched out on the bed showing off the new red-hot bustier thong onesie that I’d bought earlier that day. “I got it today, you


“Oh yeah.” He was all but salivating. “Come and get it big boy.” I wrapped my legs around his neck and he growled in my pussy before popping the snaps and going to town.

“Oh shit Dami, so good. Let me do you too.” He maneuvered our bodies so that I was on top with his cock in my mouth while he licked the kitty. I bit down on his cock ring just the way he liked before swallowing his shit whole. We fucked each others’ faces until we couldn’t take any more. Next thing I knew I was on my knees and he was teasing me with his cockhead. “Quit playing Damien.”

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