The Prince's Pregnant Challenge(10)

By: Leslie North

* * *

Unfortunately, her parents didn’t take it well, particularly her mother and Liane was quickly sent off to North Creek to stay with a distant relative until the situation was resolved with the royal family. Her mother was not to be deterred and insisted that Francesca marry the Crown Prince, but Prince Louis had other ideas and chose Macee. Poor Macee was placed on the fast track to Crown Princess, as she had to spend most of each day working with the royal tutor to make her over into a candidate for the royal family.

Chapter 6

6 months later

Liane was nervous as she walked into the palace with her obvious bump. Her family had been summoned to the palace to settle the matter about her pregnancy. The queen in particular felt insulted given the fact that Liane had been engaged to her son, the crown prince, and then slept with another man.

A palace maid led Liane to the courtyard where her family was already waiting for her. She hugged Francesca. Her younger sister was looking worried. Liane then greeted her parents. Moments later, Macee rushed out to the courtyard and hugged both her sisters.

Prince Louis arrived moments later and greeted the LeBlancs. Liane looked at him awkwardly. It was the first time she was seeing him after he had found out the truth. She immediately felt nervous and looked down. “Do not worry about apologising to me,” he said to her and rubbed her shoulders.

“I should though,” Liane said.

“No, I should thank you, because I was able to meet Macee.” While the situation wasn’t ideal, Liane’s pregnancy gave the Crown Prince the opportunity to consider a different woman to be his wife and his decision brought him love. While he had been prepared to accept a political marriage, he was unprepared for the fiery younger LeBlanc sister who melted his heart and after considerable strife; the two did eventually admit their love for one another. And while their marriage was not without conflict, both felt that they could weather the worst storm so long as they were together.

Colonel LeBlanc smiled. The most important thing he had wanted was for Macee to be happy. She had always gotten the short end of the stick around her mother and he was glad to see that the Crown Prince loved her and it was not simply a political marriage to him.

Everyone became tense when the queen walked out. She looked at Liane's bump, as she sat down at the table and gestured for everyone else to do so. The king was not going to attend as he had matters to sort out and Bridgette had been chased out of the palace after the trouble she had caused planting false stories about Macee and revealing Liane’s pregnancy to the press.

The maids brought out refreshments, but the queen waved them away. This was not a social call “Let us get straight to the point,” she said. Macee held tight to Prince Louis's hand. While she was no longer afraid of the queen, she was worried about how everyone would react to finding out who the father of the baby was. Even her parents did not know.

“I would like to apologise first,” Liane began.

“That will not help anything. It is already done. Now, who is the father of the baby?”

Liane's parents whipped their heads in her direction. They were dying to know who the father was as the sisters had kept that information a secret. Macee and Francesca looked at each other feeling useless and unable to help their sister.

“Did you have a lover already?” the queen asked.

“No, your majesty,” Liane replied.

“Then you slept with someone you barely knew?”

“No, it was not like that either.”

“Then, what was it like?” The queen was losing her patience.

“Come out with it, Liane. Who is it? Do we know him?” Colonel LeBlanc asked while he squeezed his daughter’s hand. His tone was so gentle; as he watched Liane’s lips tremble. She was trying so hard not to cry. He faced the queen. “Does it matter now?” he asked her. “What’s done is done.”

“Yes, it does. Had this been a different century, I would have had her head on a pike by now,” the queen replied. Liane gasped as she took a deep breath.

“Jean Pierre,” she said quietly.

“What about him?” her mother asked.

“He is the father.”

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