The Prince's Pregnant Challenge(6)

By: Leslie North

Prince Louis laughed. “I dare say that I must call a stalemate on this debate.”

Chapter 4

8 months ago

It was the country club's one hundred year anniversary and they were hosting a party in celebration. Liane was not planning to attend, but Tracey showed up and insisted that she come with her. Refusing to take no for an answer, she opened Liane's closet.

“There are a million clothes in here and yet there is nothing suitable for you to wear,” Tracey said to Liane. Most of her clothes were for formal events.

“That is a sign that I should not be attending this event,” Liane said as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Nonsense, we can find something somewhere in here,” Tracey replied as she pulled clothes out. With a “ta da,” she stepped out holding a red cocktail dress. “Where have you been hiding this one?” she asked as she held it up to the mirror. “Put it on.”

Digging in her bag, Tracey pulled out a pair of Louboutins. “It’s a good thing we wear the same shoe size, because I knew that you wouldn’t have anything appropriate.” As Liane slipped on the shoes and looked in the mirror, she had to admit that she looked good. Instead of wearing her hair pinned up, Tracey had brushed it out so it draped around her shoulders, dropping below mid-back. Tracey added a bit of blush to accentuate her lovely bone structure that she never showed off and a touch of sparkle to her ears with a pair of diamond earrings and she was ready to go.

They arrived at the country club and were ushered over to the outdoor venue where the party was being held. There was a DJ, a dance floor, several cabanas for lounging and a bar.

“Time to mingle,” Tracey said as Liane reluctantly followed. Many people greeted them, especially Liane, who was constantly asked about the crown prince. They told her how lucky she was to be engaged to him as they asked to take pictures with her.

“This is not my idea of fun,” Liane said to Tracey. She hated how people never bothered to get to know her when they met her. They immediately started discussing her engagement to the prince. Tracey rubbed her shoulder.

“Comes with the territory my dear, so get used to it.”

A waiter approached them with a tray of champagne. Liane took one and drank half the glass in one gulp. Tracey stared at her, “Slow down lady, we just got here.” Liane drank the rest of her champagne and took another before the waiter walked away. She went to sit inside a cabana while Tracey went off in search of a suitor.

Liane saw Jean Pierre walk in with his entourage. He had a swagger to his step as the women turned to admire him. His smiled indicated that he knew the effect he had on those watching him and was enjoying the attention. Liane just drank her champagne and looked away. One of the guests came to sit with her.

“You look lonely,” he said to her, as he sat down next to her. Liane could tell that he’d already had a bit too much to drink, as his leg rubbed up against hers.

Deciding to put some distance between them, she slid over. “I am just fine,” she replied with half a smile.

“I’m Jake,” the man introduced himself. As he put his hand out to shake, he spilled some of his drink on his pants. He tried to brush it off as Liane closed her eyes and prayed that he would go away.

“Hello, Jake,” she replied, as she was suddenly wishing that she had not chosen to sit alone.

“May I have your name?”

“Liane, as in Liane LeBlanc, the future crown princess of Monaco,” a familiar deep voice said from behind him. Liane turned her head to see Jean Pierre standing there. She frowned. She had not asked for his help and she certainly did not need it. She had everything under control. Or at least she would have.

Jake looked at Liane wide-eyed. “Oh, excuse me.” He stood up clumsily, as he spilled the remainder of his drink and left.

“I was handling the situation myself,” Liane said to him, as she took a sip of her champagne.

“Not from where I was standing. He was about to jump all over you,” he replied sarcastically.

“I’m sure you would know,” she replied under her breath.


“Why are you here?” There was something about Jean Pierre that made Liane’s blood boil.

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