The Prince's Pregnant Challenge(8)

By: Leslie North

Chapter 5

Liane's brain told her to stop kissing Jean Pierre and walk away but her body had other plans. She had only been kissing him for a few seconds and she was already on fire. He knew what he was doing as she felt her legs turn to rubber.

Everything seemed to move so quickly. One minute he was kissing her, the next he had his hand between her legs and was cupping her mound. Liane had never been touched there before and she moaned as she felt her body tingle in places. The feeling was undeniably great, as she found herself pushing against his hand, wanting more.

Walking her backwards, Liane bumped up against the sofa, as she found herself tumbling back onto it. Following her down, he supported himself above her as he kissed her neck. His hand slid slowly down her side as he rubbed her hip and thigh. Finding the hem of her dress, he lifted it up to her waist. Without pausing, his hand continued to roam over her body, igniting her as she squirmed beneath him. Liane felt his arousal pressing against her leg and reached her hand out to touch it out of curiosity. She gasped at how hard it was. Jean Pierre looked down and unzipped his trousers. Liane gasped when she saw the size of him. While she readily admitted that she was inexperienced, surely it was not meant to be that big. Reaching out again, she ran her fingers along his length. The skin was so smooth and soft.

Jean Pierre reached for a leg band on her panties as he pulled it to the side. “Already so wet,” he said to her.

“Shut up,” Liane said as she continued to stroke him. She didn’t need to hear him boasting already about how he turned her on so quickly. Now was not the time to hear him talk.

He rubbed his fingers along her slit, as she continued to squirm beneath him. When he touched her clit, she thought that she might explode as she closed her eyes to the pleasure he was creating. Sliding one finger inside, he gently began to move it in and out, as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. All thoughts were rapidly disappearing as Liane held tight to his arms and rocked her hips up in time to his gentle thrust. Pulling his finger out, he positioned himself, as he entered her slowly. The sudden pressure and brief pain had her opening her eyes to look at him in surprise, but it was quickly forgotten as he began making long strokes deep inside her. She let out a small moan and held onto him tighter as her insides were tingling all over. He slowly built up momentum and speed as Liane lifted her hips to meet each thrust. Reaching down, he rubbed her clit as Liane gasped in pleasure.

As the pleasure continued to build, Liane could feel her body flush as her pulse raced faster. Crying out, Liane arched up, as her first ever orgasm rolled through her. Her muscles convulsed as they clutched him. Groaning, Jean Pierre buried his head in her neck, as she milked him dry. Shuddering beneath him, she slowly uncurled her toes as she let out a sigh. “Oh the heck,” she whispered.

“An orgasm, ma cherie,” Jean Pierre said and kissed her.


They were both feeling awkward as they adjusted their clothing, worried that at any moment, someone might walk in. Jean Pierre couldn’t help staring at Liane. She was unlike any other woman he had met and he would have liked to take his time and make love to her properly. Given that she was the Crown Prince’s fiancée, he knew that he should be regretting what he had just done but he wasn’t. In fact, he wanted more. She felt good in ways that were completely new to him and he wasn’t quite sure what to think.

Liane picked up her phone and saw missed calls from Tracey. Checking herself over one last time, she started to leave the room but Jean Pierre held her arm. She yanked it free, “We should not have,” she said as she rushed off. If the Crown Prince found out, both of them would be in trouble.

She found Tracey waiting for her at the reception. “Sorry, Tracey,” Liane said as soon as she approached her.

“Where have you been?” Tracey asked.

“Upstairs. I was lying down and I guess I lost track of the time,” Liane managed to say, thinking that it wasn’t that far from the truth. As they left, Tracey was telling Liane about the new man she had just met. Liane was nodding, as she talked. She could barely concentrate on the conversation.

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