Wild Temptation (Wild, #1)(7)

By: Emma Hart

“I thought this was unprofessional?” he whispers in amusement.

Oh, fuck this. “We’re not working.”

He laughs, a rich sound, and releases me to remove his shirt. I trail my fingers down his lightly sculpted body until they rest on his belt. The bulge in his pants clearly shows his erection, and I reach out. I brush my hand across it, letting my fingers curl around its hardness. He hisses in a breath, grabs my arms, and pulls me to standing.

His arms go around me in a way that means I’m unable to move, and he kisses me once again. Whatever restraint he was holding just moments ago is gone as he tugs me across the room, his tongue exploring my mouth, and leans me back onto the bed.

“It’s so very hard to take photos of a woman when you can remember exactly how she tastes,” he whispers, kissing down my neck. “And it’s damn near fucking impossible when that taste has lingered in your mouth ever since.”

I arch into him as he takes one of my breasts in his hand and palms it lightly. Lightning bolts of desire shoot through my body as he works my bra and unclasps it. Almost immediately, his mouth closes around one of my nipples and he rolls the other between his finger and thumb. The tugging and pulling is an intense feeling, and every muscle in my pussy clenches.

“You’re so responsive, Liv. Tell me”—he nibbles up my neck—“are you wet yet?”

“Why don’t you find out?” I breathe. His mouth finds mine again, and I reach down to his pants to undo them. “Wait. Condom?”

“Pocket,” he says against my mouth.

I reach inside his pocket and put out a foil packet. I tug them down his legs with his boxers using my toes, and Tyler takes the opening of my legs as his invitation.

He leans forward, pressing his bare erection against the soft material of my panties. I whimper, pushing into him. This isn’t enough… I need to feel him inside. I need him to dull the ache I feel in my clit.

He opens the condom packet and rolls it onto himself before he hooks his finger in my underwear and moves it to the side. The simple movement exposes my pussy to him, and he runs his fingers along my folds before resting his cock there.

“You’re so wet,” he murmurs. “And if I were a patient man, I’d take more advantage of that. As it is…” He pushes into me in one thrust. “I’m not a patient man.”

My mouth falls open at the swift way he enters me. I grab his back, and he slides one hand into my hair.

“I’m far too desperate to make you come and feel your tight pussy around my cock as you do.” With those words, he moves out of me and back in.

I close my eyes as he finds a rhythm, one that’s fast but not brutal. His long, quick strokes fill me easily, rubbing against the right spot, and I tilt my hips into him. I tighten my legs around his waist, and he reaches around, grabbing my ass and tilting my hips up even more.

His next thrust is deep and powerful, and I cry out. His grip on my hair tightens, making my scalp sting in a way that only heightens the slow build of pressure in my lower stomach.

I’m so focused on him inside me, how he feels, how he plays my body with the ease of a man who’s touched me a million times, that I don’t see it before it happens. I don’t feel it tip from tight ache to body-shattering pleasure.

The orgasm hits me intensely, trembling my limbs, washing over me in a delicious wave of heat. My heart pounds double time in my chest and I only breathe when Tyler groans into my shoulder, signaling his own release.

My muscles are clenching, working him, drawing it from him. He thrusts slowly a few times, emptying himself fully inside me. I drop my head back to the bed with my eyes closed as I try to calm my breathing.

Tyler tilts my face toward his and kisses me once. “Mm,” is all he says, looking into my eyes.

I meet his gaze as he releases me and pulls out of me. Instantly, I feel empty, cold, and I push that from my mind as he rolls off the condom and discards it in the adjoining bathroom.

My eyes trawl over him as he dresses, and he turns to me. “I’ll go downstairs and get your clothes for you.”

“Thank you,” I say softly when he leaves.

With the space between us now, I feel exposed. I get up and grab the robe from the back of the door. Tyler comes back just as I wrap it around my stomach. I take my clothes from him and all but run into the bathroom to change.

My hands shake as I pull off the stockings. What have I done? Sex twice with the same person—that’s a major rule breaker. One night only. It has to be that way or those pesky little strings pop up. They entwine you with the other person and…

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